We’re Not Going To Control The Pandemic

On Sunday October 25, Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows told CNN – “We’re not going to control the pandemic”. “We are going to control the fact that we get vaccines, therapeutics and other mitigations”. Asked why the U.S. can’t make an effort to control the virus, Meadows answered “because it is a contagious virus just like the flu”. Adding, “What we need to do is make sure that we have proper mitigation factors, whether it’s therapies or vaccines or treatments to make sure that people don’t die from this”.

Meadows comments coincide with several consecutive days of highest new daily infections since 77,300 in mid July – 83,757 on Friday October 23rd, 83,718 on Saturday October 24th. Since the start of the pandemic close to a quarter million Americans have died, research estimates the number will rise to 500,000 by February 2021. Medical experts insist 130,000 of those lives would be spared if mask wearing protocols were law. But hey, why start now? Let “sleepy Joe” whine about masks, the simpering fool. Trump stands for freedom to spread COVID as you damn well please. MAGA patriots unite! Trump has a plan to “mitigate” coronavirus with mythical cures, not one near promising effectiveness, let alone available to the masses.

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I call British Columbia, Canada home. Under 300 people have died in B.C. (population roughly 6 million) since the start of the pandemic. In mid March health officials ordered all bars and restaurants closed, banned all events and gatherings, closed schools, beaches, parks, community centres and libraries. Everyone stayed home, government guaranteed $2,000 a month to all citizens, gradually we flattened the curve. Enough so that by end of May restaurants could open at 50% capacity provided safe distance guidelines were followed between guest tables and all staff wore face masks. A few weeks later new daily infections were so low government allowed 50 people to gather outdoors for weddings and special occasions.

Alas, fair weather and human nature got the better of us, infection rates took an upward spike. Government response – immediate ban on all liquor sales past 10 pm, ban on music played above conversation level in restaurants (loud music promotes leaning in to be heard ), closure of all banquet halls. Masks became mandatory on public transportation. Heavy fines for hosts or organizers of parties/events in violation of safe distancing/maximum capacity rules.

Despite best efforts cooler autumn air facilitates the march of a second wave. Today, Dr. Bonnie Henry, B.C.’s chief medical officer mandated a maximum of six people in the same “bubble” allowed to be in a private residence. Depending on official new infection stats following the Halloween weekend, I fully expect further restrictions by next week.

Are citizens upset, frothing rabid condemnation over government restrictions? No, we’re not. Wearing a mask is the least we can do to control COVID, but for collective observance of common good, we’d face staggering mortality rates akin to the United States. Freedom demands more than selfish “you can’t tell me what to do” blithering. Freedom comes with imperative to take responsibility for the welfare of our neighbors. Canadians understand the importance of controlling coronavirus, reason why Canada has less than 10,000 deaths.

Trump and his merry band of goonies are diabolical puppeteers. Propagandists extraordinaire. Brazen self serving opportunists who delight in selling snake oil to catatonic followers. “We’re not going to control the pandemic, we’ll mitigate it with vaccine”. Yeah right.

12 thoughts on “We’re Not Going To Control The Pandemic

  1. I did a double take on the headlines when I saw the White House state this position, and all I can do is shake my head… It is sad that all these incredible statements they make have come to be the norm, and it has now come to the point where their lunacy does not surprise anyone anymore. A very dangerous sign for a country… and Nov. 3rd still feels so very far away. Want to place any bets on how much lunacy will take place between now and then?!?

    • The first part of your comment stands as the definition of “indicators present when propaganda is distributed effectively”. If life were a James Bond movie, Trump would be the supervillain, Mara Lago his fortress, Melania a clone culled from a legion of fembots. Don’t know if this made headlines in the U.S. – On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan in Manhattan, N.Y., ruled that the U.S. government can not serve as a replacement for Trump as the defendant in the defamation lawsuit brought against him by the New York advice columnist E. Jean Carroll. Carroll says the president raped her inside of a department store dressing room two decades ago, according to Bloomberg.
      Trump lawyers actually went to court, arguing the U.S. government, not Trump, should answer to allegations. WTF?
      My point being, if Trump is capable of thinking that pig could fly, I shudder to think what election shenanigans he has in store. Yikes!

  2. Excellent post! Many, many times since this pandemic took over the U.S. and the “powers-that-be” essentially did nothing to stop it, or at the very least, keep it under control, I have wished I could move to Canada!

    It continues to astound me the pure and unadulterated ignorance displayed by some people!

    • Crazier still – when a vaccine is developed every Canadian will receive it free of charge, no exceptions. What of the roughly 30 million Americans without any health insurance? Those with limited or seasonal benefits, those poised to lose coverage if the Affordable Care Act is scraped? Sweet mercy! (and to know that by saying this, right wing America considers this Canadian a “libtard”). Sigh.

  3. Is wee fellow still recommending folks mainline disinfectant? (Ya just gotta love an optimist like that!)

    Mine Daddy used to say that the saddest thing you could say of anyone is “Yeah … but he meant well!”

    Ol’ Trumpy means well, and I’m sure he’s actually tested the cure himself in person—didn’t he survive the dreaded ‘lergy? (Apparently survival is the biggie, but nobody is really sure what it — or the touted ‘cure’ — does to the brain …)

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