Oh “Deer”

A few hours ago I heard Trump’s asinine assertion that doctor’s make more money when they lie about COVID deaths. See link – https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/trump-covid-death-money-jesus-christ_n_5f9c94d4c5b65662bcc6f565?ri18n=true

Ever since, it’s been my mission to definitively settle on a song or video clip to summarize how I feel about Trump and his catatonic cult. After considerable deliberation, I’ve settled on “Please Move The Deer Crossing Sign”. Can’t think anymore, my head hurts. Sigh and over to you….

3 thoughts on “Oh “Deer”

  1. Hello Notes To Ponder. I played this for Ron and he choked on his breakfast! He just was dumbfounded. But I told him that sadly we have people in the US for whom this is high level of reasoning. As you mentioned these are State Propaganda TV watching cult of tRump followers. This is the result of three to four decades of trying to ruin the education system in the US and insert religion in its place. Thanks for the post. Hugs

  2. Two things to say … (1) the reasoning is so, well, Trump-like, and (2) the length of the video would be about the same amount of time he would spend praising himself and blasting others on some inane issue.

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