You’re Fired

Excuse me Mr. Trump, sorry to interrupt your golf game but by the way, you’re fired. Don’t be mad, you brought it upon yourself. Dig deep for a shred of decency, for once in your life take the high road, concede defeat. No sir, you weren’t robbed, nothing was stolen. What can’t you understand? Yes sir, I realize how hard you tried to stop Democrats from voting, bent over backwards to handicap the postal service, assumed lies enough to sway public opinion.

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Do you understand Mr. Trump? It’s over, the people have spoken. You’re fired. Don’t despair, your run at re-election prompted the highest voter turn out of any presidential election in U.S. history since 1900. Close to 67% of eligible voters spoke their mind during a global pandemic. Excuse me sir, are you listening? Pardon me, recount you say? To what end, at what cost? Not over until you say so? Please sir, clean out your desk. Leave with dignity, spare the embarrassment of calling security to show you the door.

8 thoughts on “You’re Fired

  1. What a wonderful day, notes! It will take a while to rid the White House and the US of the 4 year rat infestation but Biden and Harris will do it with great integrity. Yes, that word still exists!!!

  2. It was a fine day yesterday! THIS should be the real America, when around 67% of all registered voters actually fulfill their civic responsibility, their legal right to voice WHO they want leading their country, their state, their county, and their municipality… then (and only then!) does democracy truly work.

    Don’t vote? Then democracy falls apart… as it has gradually been doing the last 20-years and that’s how maniacs like this moron currently in the WH was able to get in DESPITE not having a stitch of governmental experience EVER!!! That’s what not voting, not being engaged in your civil duties causes—terrible, indecent, self-absorbed, narcissistic megalomaniacs get into office and destroy this country.

    Next election (midterms, in 2-yrs?) I hope over 85% of registered voters show up at the polls! 🙂

    • “Don’t vote”? That’s a question up for grabs … I never vote. Never.
      Am I a bad dog? A vicious baby-eating old mutt?

      No … and yes, I would indeed vote … if, if, if only there were somebody actually worth voting for.
      Someone like ME, for example.
      Someone else, who blogs not for fame (hah! With so many readers I mustn’t let fame go to my head) (oodles of followers though, but only because I think they want me to follow ’em back)(a bit like counting scalps?).

      So would I vote for me?
      No … I know that guy, but at least he’s honest. Says what he really thinks—frankly we could do with more like him in politics but it ain’t ever gonna happen.

      Okay, the figurehead changes but the ship sails on …

  3. NtP, found this song to be SO apropos today and the coming days/weeks of lawsuits, courts, judges, etc, etc, from the White House trying to get in the judicial doors in futility. Check it out…

    Ob la di, ob-la-da, life goes on, BYE
    La-la, how the life goes on
    Ob-la di, ob-la-da, life goes on, BYE
    La-la, how the life goes on

    Sing BA, BA, BA, BA, BYE-BYE!!! đź‘‹

  4. Hello Notes To Ponder. I have been reading analysis of tRump demanding recounts and why he is trying so hard to spread rumors and lies about fraud. He needs recounts, but he is unable to pay for them, and most places are well past the cut off for state paid recounts. He did bully Georgia into saying it would recount, but I do not know if that will stick. So he needs a court to order the recounts. But if the courts do not order a recount then his lies will be seen by his cult and the 70 million that voted for him as making Biden an illegitimate president, just what tRump feared he was all his term. Hugs

    • Oh Scottie, it’s insane! Delusional Trump-nation firmly believes SCOTUS will rule in their favour. Recount jibber-jabber won’t make a lick of difference to results. However, you make an excellent point -tRumpsters are a snarky bunch. Biden is in for a rough ride.
      What gets me is catatonic dismissal of voter rights by Republican dullards. COVID facilitated unprecedented numbers of mail-in ballots. That’s why they’re pissed! The moment you eliminate voting obstacles, is the moment 76 year old African American grandmothers in rural Georgia vote for the first time in their lives. Perish the thought! All citizens have the right to vote by mail? Oh hell no! This won’t do, completely unacceptable! Sigh.

      • Hello Notes To Ponder. Yes what you said is very true, and even I am stunned by the strength of racism and bigotry in the US and among tRumpers. Interesting things coming out about tRump’s fundraising for the court cases, his legal fund? Seems in the fine small print the money goes to pay off his campaign debt and then the RNC in one, and to his own Leadership PAC in the other. One thing about a leadership Pac is it doesn’t have the restrictions in place others do and can be used by tRump for his personal spending. This is another reason to deny the election and keep the grift going. Hugs

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