All He Had To Do….

All Trump had to do was graciously concede to Biden. Chuck grace, that’s a big ask. Try terse acknowledgement or pithy sarcasm. Wouldn’t have mattered provided he grasped realty of the moment. All he had to do to protect his brand was go away.

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Oh Donald, why so stupid? All you had to do to sustain your brand was fade away without a fuss. The Trump “brand”, from hotels to golf courses, steaks, casinos, fraudulent university and reality television, propelled the self proclaimed greatest living man to the oval office. Brand awareness forgave sexual misconduct, racism, misogamy, lies, hubris and pandering to right wing extremists. Alas, seems the MAGA messiah misjudged his brand power. You can only push so long before something has to give.

Trump fancied himself a big fish, his brand an undeniable global institution. I doubt he considered annihilation of his brand as consequence for behaving badly. Never mind being the only president in U.S. history to be impeached twice, Trump scoffs at impeachment. He still doesn’t get it. That said, ponder the subsequent demise of his brand.

Social media silenced his vitriol. Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and YouTube want nothing to do with the miscreant. The PGA (Professional Golfers’ Association of America) pulled the 2022 tournament from Trump’s golf course in New Jersey. New York State is moving to cancel all contracts with Trump owned companies, PayPal suspended contributions to Trump, Shopify terminated sales of Trump merchandise, the list goes on. (see link below).

More businesses join backlash against Trump after Capitol siege | Business and Economy News | Al Jazeera

All he had to do was concede, it didn’t have to be polite or sincere. Trump may never face justice, but demise of his brand evokes a small measure of satisfaction. Sigh.

8 thoughts on “All He Had To Do….

    • Is this DNA thing still active? I know it was discussed some months back — and since he was still the sitting POTUS, he planned to use taxpayer money to defend himself. What’s the current status?

      • It’s still a thing. Several months ago a District Court Judge denied his attempt to replace his name as defendant with that of the U.S. government. Can’t say it will happen soon, but it certainly hasn’t gone away.

  1. Very well said NtP. 👍🏻 Agree 100%.

    Along the same lines of “all he had to do,” my latest blog-post covers his utter complicity Jan. 6 to stop the violence and killing at the Capitol. “All he had to do was make one phone call” and the extra law-enforcements and National Guards would’ve arrived much, MUCH sooner. 😠

    But instead, he chose to “gleefully watch” the insanity unfold on TV while calling Sen. Tuberville to go force VP Pence to break the law & his oath to the Constitution. 🤬

  2. …and all he had to do to win re-election was just PRETEND to give a shit about COVID-19 instead of lying all the time…

    .. but unfortunately, “BIG FAT FUCKING LIAR” is who he is…

  3. Conceding would be far too democratic. Much better to take a page out of Kim Yong Un or Putin’s playbook and drop democracy all together. I trust our american friends will clean up the mess but until he and his deplorables are sent back to their caves, I’m not celebrating yet.

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