Two Steppin’

Who knew? Seems I’m a fan of country music. Huh, go figure. I’ve long recognized fondness for Bluegrass (fiddles steal my heart), Zydeco and Folk Roots. Likewise Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings – each and every one brilliant in their own way, but two steppin’, line dancing, honkytonk country? Who knew it could be so uplifting? Who knew, almost a year into the pandemic I’d be pining for a line dance with scores of carefree country music fans.

5 thoughts on “Two Steppin’

  1. Oh, my goodness. This is bad news indeed.
    If you are in the least concerned ( I most certainly am) with your new found like of country music (sic) I understand there are bona fide therapists that can help. Don’t be one those who deny the problem, I consider myself a friend so it is no shame to ask for help.

    Meantime, while you are Googling the Therapist you deem most suitable, may I suggest you listen to something countryish as an intermediary?
    Try the Outlaws.

    By the way, we have adopted two brindle boxers, Ella and Baxter, from the SPCA,
    I know you will appreciate this news.

    • Pretty sure I’m beyond professional help. In my defense the urge to two step rarely washes over me. I’ve fought it for years (blame it on learning to square dance as a youth in rural Canada). Could be I’m suffering from pandemic breakdown. This too shall pass.
      As for Ella and Baxter – I’m SO JEALOUS! Our Ruby the wonder pup passed almost 2 years ago. I’ve registered with the boxer rescue society, but so far no prospects. Boxers are a special breed. Really happy for you. πŸ™‚

      • If it wasn’t for John Zande and his foster and rescue work in Sao Paulo, adoption would never have crossed my mind.
        But when I came across the SA Boxer Rescue Society on Facebook I was sold on the idea immediately. When we saw these two it was love at first sight.
        They are precious.

        As for your current music (sic) problem: Would you like me to get some Christians to pray for you? I’m told it works.

      • Sweet mercy, no! I have enough Christians praying for me as it is, don’t need another scourge of pious saccharine. I’m self medicating, just took a dose of Rolling Stones, Exile on Main Street. I’m on the mend.
        We’ve thought long and hard about another dog, it absolutely has to be a rescue.

      • What can I say?
        You’re a Soul survivor, so Stop breaking down. Your next dog is All down the line, and then you’ll be Happy.

        I’m outta here … have a Bonzo Dog Doo- Dah Band day.

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