Moon, Jupiter and Allison Russell

Left for work at 4:20 this morning, closed the front door, gasped at the beauty of our Moon and Jupiter. Bathed in wonder, I couldn’t look away. Lips curled in a foolish grin, raced dawn to work for another glimpse of Jupiter’s dance with the Moon. Buoyed by Moon and Jupiter, happiest day in a very long time.

Driving home I heard Night Flyer by Allison Russell on CBC radio. Don’t know if lingering Moon and Jupiter tonic plucked a nerve, nor do I care. I love this song. Love how a seemingly ordinary day without expectations inexplicably tasked Moon, Jupiter and Allison Russell with making my day.

16 thoughts on “Moon, Jupiter and Allison Russell

  1. Hello,you!
    As ELO once sang…
    “Hey you with the pretty face…
    Welcome to the human race”

    Lovely to see your name pop up on my notification once again.
    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods?

    • Delighted to know my hiatus was noticed. The pandemic radically altered rhythm of life as I knew it. Went from managing events, post event decompression at my laptop, to a glorified factory worker packing/delivering thousands of frozen meals a month to low income residents in government housing. Lucrative contract, kept me working, my employer in business until events returned. For lack of better description, I fell into a funk, equal part boredom and physical exhaustion.
      Managed to avoid COVID until January ’22 – fully immunized, mild symptoms.
      Events returned late May with a vengeance, took a few months of channeling pre-pandemic grove to feel normal. So, here I am!

      • Meteor showers this week. You’ll be looking up, Notes. We’ve had the most beautiful cloudless nights in the past few weeks. Will check on the Perseides.

      • Oh, I wish! Light pollution is crushing me. Activity peaks tonight, the one night work found me away from city lights and skies clouded over. Taking a few days off next week to visit my Dad in Penticton, a visit that always includes darkest night star gazing at entrance to White Lake Observatory.
        The one time a year I dust off my telescope in anticipation of getting lost in the cosmos, the one trip we drive, making it possible to take a telescope. Unfortunately, fire season has other ideas. Massive forest fire evacuation/road closures, restrict access to White Lake. Thick smoke limits visibility for incredible distances.. So unfair!
        At this point I’d be happy to see the Milky Way. Sigh. Anyway – prickling for cosmic wonder, always looking up and packing my telescope regardless because that’s who I am. 🙂

  2. Thank you for this ~ I stumbled on by, and this song took me away… So now I have a new album to listen to this evening and likely all this week. Cheers to you, and I hope you are doing well.

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