Climate deniers who call me “Ecoclown” or Nutstoponder” roll off my back, but when snide conservative lips robotically hurl Libtard contempt in place of independent thought I see red. Those who smirk Libtard do so with self satisfied impervious ignorance. It basks in a right wing embrace, uttered with reckless glee any time whiffs of social conscience wrinkle a righteous nose. Libtard is neither amusing or clever, it proves nothing but the disparaging depth of a callow existence.

The Online Slang Dictionary declares it a noun defined as – “a person with liberal political beliefs. Pejorative. From “liberal” + “retard”. Urban Dictionary elaborates with – “Libtard n. Portmanteu of “liberal” and “retard”. Someone who, intoxicated by being knowlegable and right about politics and economics, forgets that they need to get actual real ordinary people to support them if their agenda is to be advanced. Often but not always rich, well meaning and with good insight to society’s problems, but naive about the mechanics of politics and utterly ignorant about how power actually works.”

Call me a communist, blither Biblical condemnation of atheist morality, quiver in fear of Islam, frack away, encourage resource corporations to foul fresh water, buy more guns, disregard poverty and civil rights, drink Trump Kool-Aid , but how you dare call anyone a Libtard.



Exasperation plucks my last nerve. I’m tired of politics, climate debate, religious soap boxes, poverty, racial injustice, gender inequality, gun violence and hate. All we do is wring our hands clucking blah, blah, blah. My news is real, yours is fake, yak, yak, yak. Media bobble heads spoon inane bat shit into gaping mouths of catatonic numskulls hungry for affirmation of their bias. I’m tired of dimwits who parrot partisan absurdity as fact, lunkhead patriots void of independent thought and verbatim regurgitation of misinformed lunacy.

Freedom is tired of her name being taken in vain. I wouldn’t be so tired if  free speech wasn’t masquerading as free to twist whichever reality furthered personal gain, religious agenda or corporate coffer. Wake up!

Pondering North Korea

Pondering North Korea begins with 28 approved hair styles for men and women. Women can choose from 18 government sanctioned styles – married women must wear their hair short, single women are allowed to display long locks. Men choose from 10 styles and are prohibited from hair longer than 5 cm. Senior men are forgiven for hair up to 7 cm in length.

North Korea takes a dim view of crystal meth, but tolerates opium and marijuana. While not technically legal, pot smoking North Koreans have little to fear. Marijuana is cultivated along railroad tracks and readily available in local shops.

In North Korea the year is 106, not 2017. Year one began April 15, 1912 – birthday of their first leader Kim II-Sung.

In North Korea, the year is 105, not 2016.

North Korea’s “Three Generation Rule” is a nasty reality for citizens declared political dissidents. That person is sent to a hard labour prison camp along with their entire family. Parents, siblings, children incarcerated by association – not just for the rest of their lives, but for the lives of two future generations born, living and dying in prison. A practice deemed necessary to cleanse and maintain government ideals.

As of 2016 an estimated 5,899,000 persons, 25% of North Korea’s population formed the world’s largest paramilitary organization. Mandatory conscription for males, selective female conscription require 10 years service with the KPA (Korean Peoples Army). Watching them march is mind blowing –

Due to trade sanctions, 2010 marked the year acute fertilizer shortages saw the proliferation of shops selling human feces for fertilizer.

North Korea farmers face a fertilizer shortage because international shipments have been cut off.

Ponder a glimpse into North Korean propaganda –

What’s So Great About Carl Sagan?

The other day I was asked “what’s so great about Carl Sagan?” Caught off guard, indecipherable splutters formed the sentence “how much time do you have?”, followed immediately by “I’m sorry, that was rude. What do you know about Sagan?” The response, “he had a TV show about space, Cosmic or something like that”, landed with a thud. Answering “yes he narrated a show called Cosmos”, gave me time to think.

Throughout the brief exchange continuous loops of “what’s so great” played in my head. Feeling disinclined to spew snippets of Sagan’s accomplishments forced me to admit I was annoyed. I heard myself say “Google Carl Sagan’s biography if you want to know the magnitude of his influence, listen to him if you need to know why I consider him a great man”


Pokemon Go

Dialed middle son this afternoon, hadn’t talked in a few days and wanted to know if he knew about Pokemon Go. Raucous laughter took a moment to subside, gaining composure he replied ” I’m on the seawall hunting Pokemon”. What was I thinking? Of course you are.

He was six in 1995, the year Nintendo solidified Japanese anime in popular culture. The premise was simple – mythical Pokemon were not created equal, each one has unique abilities, basic powers were varied but common, all powerful Pokemon existed but were extremely rare.  Human “trainers” captured Pokemon pitting one against the other in “battles”. Players started with a basic Pokemon, climbing levels as they acquired Pokemon and won battles.

As lone non-gamer in the household, it wouldn’t be fair to attempt discussion of Pokemon’s popularity. As a parent who fulfilled Nintendo Christmas wishes, drove kids to comic book stores to spend allowance on Pokemon trading cards, bought Pokemon pajamas, bedding, toys and lunch boxes – I “get” masterful simplicity capable of crowning Pokemon the second most lucrative game/media franchise in the world after Super Mario Brothers. As of September 2015, global revenue of 40.5 billion U.S. speaks to global phenomenon.

Last week Nintendo released Pokemon Go in a format dubbed “augmented reality”. Forget hand held controllers tied to television screens, Pokemon Go uses cell phone GPS to transform a player’s location into the matrix. “Go” is a literal term, play takes place in the real world. Ponder “real world” – get off the sofa, go play outside. The game knows where you are and what time it is, dispatching Pokemon accordingly. Locations where battles take place are called “gyms”. I won’t claim to understand intricacies, but had to laugh when reading Westboro Baptist Church, the den of U.S. abortion, homosexual and racial intolerance is ruled by pink Pokemon “Clefairy”. In accordance with game rules, nicked named “love is love” by the current gym leader.

Back to middle son. This afternoon he walked the seawall hunting Pokemon, late last night a twenty minute walk to join players in a local park. Apparently the game tracks distance – walking 10 kilometers allows players to “hatch” rare Pokemon. Calling his behavior uncharacteristic is putting it mildly.

Late this evening youngest son told me something that prompted another call to middle son, asking him “how did you download the game, it hasn’t been released in Canada?” Fervent hullabaloo clouded the fact Pokemon Go was only released in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. His answer left me feeling middle aged. No closer to understanding how to pirate  video games, I knew one thing for certain – Pokemon Go was worth the effort. Augmented is the new reality of gaming, I don’t have to play games to know Pokemon Go single-handily revolutionized the future of entertainment.