Jesus in Wonderland.

A Tale Unfolds

Ignorance is one the greatest allies of  those who promote lies under the guise of truth. In fact, I would venture that, many of these Liars for Jesus are, in many respects, just as ignorant as the sheep they would shear.

Archaeology, while not an exact science, is often replete with enough evidence that a conclusion can fairly confidently be drawn: for example, it’s not too difficult what conclusion can be drawn from the fact there are no pre-Cambrian fossilized rabbits!

And this short video might illuminate certain areas of geographical ignorance some of you might have regarding the stamping ground of everyone’s favorite god-man, Jesus of Nazareth.

Grab a coffee and a sandwich, and take ten minutes to brush up on your ”Jesus Geography”.


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I, too, believe the women

I don’t care who you are. All that matters is reading, pondering and sharing this post.

Life Unscripted

I wanted to share/post this indictment against men not just because of the points it makes against 1/2 of the world’s population, but also because it is so far from being a comprehensive list.  In spite of the horrors here detailed, these are but the things polite society dares speak about and there are far worse things than these which the sophisticated and the cultured among us will never acknowledge.

Nor are the problems restricted to the U.S.,  Change the nouns around a little and you can find their comparables in many countries around the world.  And we haven’t even mentioned the atrocities and the abuses that occur in war; when the worst in man is too often revealed…. and then shuffled under the rugs of secrecy.

Please, read it with understanding and when you’re done ask yourself what you can do to help prevent one such form of abuse…

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Fight Sexual Urges


I couldn’t make this up if I tried. The following is actual copy for Anti-Masturbation Gum or Cream if you prefer to cheat a little….

“Do you struggle with uncontrollable urges? Do you risk death when driving by being unable to keep your hands where they belong? Your days of uncontrollable touching, stroking, rubbing or whatever term you like are over. Say goodbye to calloused and rug burned skin with the careful use of any of these anti masturbation products.

Anti-masturbation gum is preferred by many due to its ability to be used at any time no matter where you are. It has a quick response time so if you’re suddenly plagued by those old standby feelings you can put an immediate stop to them. Your days of embarrassing agony are gone forever as long as you keep a fresh pack of anti-masturbation gum in your pocket at all times.

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Absentee President

Life Unscripted

Why do we have an absentee President?  We have all heard about absentee landlords who run their properties into the ground, and take advantage of their tenants.  Well, I gotta tell you that 45 is behaving like an absentee President.

Let’s just tick off a few boxes.

After any presidential election there is a process by which the outgoing administration aids the incoming administration with transition.  There were a good number of articles in late 2016 and early 2017 that documented the fact that the incoming administration was not interested in anything that the outgoing administration had to offer.  They refused to be part of almost all attempts to fill in the gaps about what needed to be done to keep the government running, to maintain our position in the world, etc.  But this administration wanted no help from them.

Since then the current administration has been extraordinarily slow in…

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Brian May Asteroid Day

Tomorrow is International Asteroid Day. Stream live at


On June 30, 1908 an asteroid exploded over Tunguska, Siberia releasing energy of 100 tons TNT – the force flattened 800 square miles of Russian wilderness. Last year astrophysicist Dr. Brian May, Apollo 9 astronaut Ricky Schweickart and astronaut Dr. Ed Lu co-founded Asteroid Day to coincide with the anniversary of the Tunguska event. June 30, 2016 was the second official Asteroid Day.

Hold onto your hat – astrophysicist Dr. Brian May is Brian May, guitarist and songwriter for rock band Queen (he wrote We Will Rock You ). Brian May, ranked 26th of the top 100 guitarists of all time by Rolling Stone magazine in 2011, is an astrophysicist.

With a degree in physics from Imperial College London, 1974 found May working on his thesis ( the study of reflected light from interplanetary dust and the velocity of dust in our solar system ). Academic pursuits ended with the…

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A few words about immigrants — not the ones on the U.S. border

Life Unscripted

I found this article in my CNN feed from the New Yorker on June 21.  I reprint it here because it speaks to a real and growing problem:  immigrants.  The recent horrible situation with children at the U.S. border is bad, but I’m afraid it’s but the tip of the iceberg and even more troubling is the fact that not many people — around the world — seem to care.  Please take time to read it and consider for yourself…

Dr. Ruth, Dr. kissinger, and Trump’s Cruelty to Families

By George Packer    June 12, 2018

In the fall of 2015, Dr. Ruth told the story of the Evian Conference, in 1938, where countries from around the world debated the plight of Germany’s Jews.Photograph by Gian Marco Castelberg / Redux

Jose, a five-year-old Honduran boy, was taken away from his father by immigration officials last month, after the two of them…

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International Bad Manners

Life Unscripted

It wasn’t unpredictable that Donald Trump would choose to pretend that other international leaders were in lock step with him — and to do so by avoiding the G7 meeting on climate change, as well as to arrive late — and interrupt a woman speaker during the session on gender equality.  The Great Pussy Grabber can’t be expected to show respect for anyone or anything that he has not originated.

But it’s clear that other world leaders have his number.  From Angela Merkel’s stare to the mark-leaving handshake Macron gave to Trump the gloves are off and they aren’t particularly interested in playing his games.  Life is a serious business; there are real problems to be dealt with and if Donald chooses to ignore some and exacerbate others they aren’t going to play along.

I can’t help but think about the thousands and millions of people who live each day…

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