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You can say what you wish about the advantages or drawbacks about socialism, communism, capitalism, or any of the other -isms but the fact of being human is that we have — from time immemorial — been a species that cooperates with other of our species for mutual benefit.  It’s how we have survived as long as we have — not that our survival on this planet is necessarily essential to earth’s existence — because it isn’t.

Sometimes we all simply need the help of someone else.

We can deny that, or mock it, or scoff, but none of that changes the fact that when we are born we need the help of others to survive, while we are alive we need the help of others to survive, when we are old and dying we need the help of others to soldier on through, and when we die those we…

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We haven’t come as far as we think

Life Unscripted

If there is a single chilling lesson to learn from the Trump presidency it’s that U.S. race relations have not progressed as far as people think.  D Trump has dozens of times in rallies and from the rostrum spoken demeaningly of multiples races and backgrounds.  His manipulative words have been received eagerly by certain segments of his audience — publicly.  With no fear of reprisal, or sanction.  His hate-mongering has gone largely unanswered by other Republicans — giving him freedom to continue his spread of racist hate.

In 1908 the Postmaster General of the United States banned the mailing of lynching postcards like the one below.


In this day and age we might think that an overreaction to an isolated instance, but the truth of the matter is that from the 1870’s on there it had become a popular thing to produce postcards as warnings, and as evidence of one’s…

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I Learn

Life Unscripted

I’m not sure we give ourselves enough credit when credit is due.  It’s easy to think that we are just a single person, that our voice doesn’t matter, that no one hears when we speak. But we, each one of us, are complex creatures who exert our influence in many different ways.

Each of these individual modes teach us more about life and love and each of these better enable us to have an impact in the world around us, in the people we love, in the things we care about.
I think I question

I suppose one should have included “I fail” in that list somewhere because that is certainly part of the human experience. Failure, however, isn’t the only experience and considering that too many of us are probably more likely to focus on our failures than on our successes I think it’s a good thing to leave that off the list…

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And in other news…..

Ends and Beginnings

The Senate Intelligence Committee today released volume two of its Russia investigation, which concludes that Russians sought “to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election by harming Hillary Clinton’s chances of success and supporting Donald Trump at the direction of the Kremlin.” Keep in mind that the Senate Intelligence Committee is run by, wait for it, the Republicans.

Now, Trump, his talking heads and his base will continue to say “so what?” This doesn’t prove that Trump or his campaign colluded with the Russians. It doesn’t even, in their tiny brains, justify the two and a half year “Witch Hunt”. But it does kill one of Trump’s many, many, many, fairy-tales that the Russians didn’t want him to win because he is so TOUGH on them, a fairy tale he disproves without any help from anyone every single day.

Look, the vast majority of intelligent, stable, sober, non-delusional Americans know that…

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Collective Action

Life Unscripted

You cannot have revolution nor even begin to affect our current climate catastrophe without collective action.

people protesting photographyPhoto by Markus Spiske

And therein lies the problem, because we here in the U.S. don’t even know what collective action looks like any more. There was a time when we mobilized workers and they took literal action in order to effect changes in the work place.  But today, in the 2010’s the closest we get are social media calls for lots of individual actions: boycotts, calls to show up to protests, or other personal acts.  But we seem incapable of organizing a sustained action and that may just be the death of us. Literally, or figuratively.

man wearing black and white stripe shirt looking at white printer papers on the wall Photo by Startup Stock Photos

These mass media “actions” aren’t collective actions, they’re merely “simultaneous” and “distributive” actions, urged not by leaders or organizers but by armchair social media propagandists. Individuals have no relationship with the initiators…

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