Albert Einstein and Steven Hawking Dismiss God

Tomorrow a hand written letter by Albert Einstein goes on sale at eBay. In the letter Einstein dismisses God as “childish” and an expression of human weakness. He goes on to describe his affinity with Jewish people but makes it clear he sees nothing “chosen” about them. Written in 1954, a year before his death, starting bid is 3 million dollars.

While Einstein and Hawking would most certainly disagree on quantum physics and string theory, they shared common ground on matters relating to God. A few years ago Steven Hawking said the big bang was an inevitable consequence of the laws of physics. ” spontaneous creation is the reason there is something “. He made his opinion clear that physics rather than a sentient being was the reason our universe exists.


Stephen Hawking

Dark Matter

The universe is made of matter, normal matter is the matter we understand. Normal matter makes up only around 5% of the universe. The rest – about 70% is dark energy, and 25% dark matter. ¬†We have no idea how dark energy or matter work, we only know it’s there. To understand them we may have to throw Einstein’s theory of relativity out the window, as his theory on gravity holding the universe together doesn’t seem to apply to 95% of our universe.

.Albert Einstein