A City at Night

The sun fades, my city reveals beauty masked by light of day. Dark edges peel beneath tendrils of street light, forbidden corners relent, night shadows howl at the moon.

Darkness awakens people of the night. Alleys become canvases, art ripples across moonlit surfaces.  Street art belongs to the night, daring graffiti squad whitewash to vanquish their spirit.


Darkness transforms the ordinary, it allows us to view our surroundings in a different light. Things we pass by every day without a sideways glance, busy hubs, our familiar streets – evacuated by darkness,transformed into works of art. Ponder a city at night;  the place to understand its beating heart.

What Is It About Orion?

With the exception of our moon, and perhaps the Big Dipper, I would bet that more people could locate Orion’s belt over any other feature in the night sky.  Bright and distinctive, Orion jumps out of the night; familiar and instantly recognizable,  a mystery despite its shining prominence.

In Greek mythology Orion was known as The Hunter. A giant, who hunted with an immense bronze club. His father was Poseidon,  who is said to have taught Orion to walk on water. Several accounts of Orion’s demise exist – in one he was slain by the sting of a scorpion, in another Artemis the Goddess of the moon and hunting fell in love with him. Her twin brother Apollo, enraged because love made her forget to light up the night sky, convinced her to shoot an arrow at what appeared to be a wave in the sea. Not knowing it was Orion out for a swim, the grief stricken Artemis put Orion’s body in the night sky to gaze at for all eternity.

Ancient Egyptians believed their Gods, Isis and Osiris came from the belt stars of Orion. They also believed that it was the place their pharaohs would travel to upon their deaths.

There isn’t a corner of the ancient world untouched by Orion; an integral part of creation myth from Africa, Europe, China, South America, to the American south west.

I’m pondering the universal fixation on a single nebula. The great pyramids of the Giza Plateau, Teotihuacan in Mexico, Karnak, Nabta Playa, Thornborough Henges, Hopi villages – all aligned with the constellation Orion. Ancient civilizations, worlds apart, yet united in a single belief that life originated within Orion.

Pondering Neil Young

I was fortunate enough to attend a Neil Young concert last night. More than a few things got me pondering……

The first thing to strike me was the audience. Unlike so many shows I’ve attended by performers of Neil’s era, the audience was not what I expected. Rather than ageing hippies, lawyers, and accountants I was met by fresh young faces. A new generation of followers every bit as expectant as I was.

A young girl beside me exclaimed “oh my God, Grandpa hands” when a close up of Neil’s hands playing the piano was shown. A few minutes later she was weeping as he sang Needle and the Damage Done. Quite remarkable.

Neil Young turned 67 yesterday. In my opinion the greatest artist Canada has ever produced. Those “Grandpa hands” were exquisite, they spoke to the heart in ways no words could define.. It was beautiful. He appeared to be enjoying himself. Rather than churning out an old hit list Neil simply kicked ass. He played what he wanted, how he wanted, and for as long as he wanted. His guitar still rings in my ears.

So here I am pondering – what is that one quality that separates musical legends from the pack? I don’t even care about the answer – it doesn’t matter.  In many ways that is the answer. The only thing I can say for certain is that Neil Young still has it. At 67 he filled a stadium with generations of fans. Not too shabby for an old man.


Photo: Holy crap. Neil Young was amazing. GA floor tickets - I'm in heaven.
Photo by notestoponder


The Hypogeum of Malta is an underground temple discovered in 1920.  Believed to be constructed 6000 years ago, it is the second oldest man made structure on earth. The oldest being Gobekli Tepe.  The Hypogeum is well worth a ponder – what makes it so mind blowing is that it seems to have been designed to amplify the voice, but only at certain megahertz. Three stories deep, when speaking in the “Oracle Room” the human voice is amplified through out the entire structure. But only if it’s a male voice, female voices don’t have the right frequency.



Lucy is over 200 trillion miles from earth

An episode of I Love Lucy, broadcast into space in 1951, is now over 200 trillion miles from earth.The universe is so vast, it will still take 26,000 years to reach the center of the Milky Way.