This Land Is Your Land

Yesterday Bernie Sanders warranted admiration and support, today Sanders basks in gob smacking adoration beyond my wildest dreams. Late afternoon dictated a sluggish path home, listening halfheartedly to CBC radio, alternating news, traffic, weather, gridlock melted into rush hour impatience. Without warning, ears pricked as Bernie Sanders spoken word rendition of “This Land Is Your Land” filled the truck. CBC had my undivided attention.

Regardless, or in spite of the possibility this cloistered Canadian missed the memo on Sanders 1987 “folk music/spoken word” album “We Shall Overcome” – fresh ears listened to This Land Is Your Land without influence, hype, suggestion, editorial or preconceived notion. Grinning like a mad fool, it didn’t make the slightest difference that “then” Mayor Bernie Sanders of Burlington, Vermont recorded the album almost 30 years ago. Surprisingly at ease with Sanders effort ( certainly not bile gagging as with William Shatner’s Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds spoken word ), subsequent mental polishes of Bernie’s patina flowed effortlessly.

Donald Trump spews inane platitudes, robotic Hillary Clinton’s tiresome politics beg boredom for merciful deliverance. Social media blisters with Trumpisms, news feeds glisten with fresh polls, projections and “presumptive” nominee dribble. Bernie Sanders indomitable vision of America plays second fiddle to Trump Tweets or Clinton’s righteous indignation.

News flash America – Bernie Sanders is alive, well and steadily gaining on Clinton. Citizens for Bernie aren’t stupid, they don’t equate social justice with communism, nor do they favour unfair taxation. They embrace This Land Is Your Land because like Sanders, they recognize the fabric of America is inclusive. Sanders supporters understand Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda is selective discrimination, the banality of Clinton’s wearying sound bites make them cringe.

Sanders “spoken word” has evolved into an anthem of sorts.  This land narrative forms the basis of numerous YouTube videos …..

With more substance than Trump or Clinton could hope to possess – Bernie Sanders for President.


Quick, Find Bernie An Oprah

The 2000’s belonged to Oprah Winfrey. From Time, Life to Forbes, every media outlet and publication ranked Oprah as the most influential woman in America. Vanity Fair credited her with greater influence than the president. Oprah obliterated political, racial and economic boundaries. Anyone could ask what we thought, Winfrey wanted to know how we felt. Adept at measured opinion, she knew what to ask and when to listen. Oprah had no use for editorial rantings or blusters of reactionary postulation. Oprah made  foibles human, transgressions answerable and triumph magnificent. Recommend a book – we read it. Expose controversy – we talked about it. Mention Illinois Senator Barack Obama in 2006 – America listened.

Appearing on Larry King Live in September 2006, Winfrey was asked about a fan who started a campaign “Oprah for President”. Down-playing the notion, Oprah suggested the fan -“take all your energy, and put it in Barack Obama”, enthusing over her “favorite senator” with hopes that one day he would run for President. In October 2006, Barack and Michelle Obama appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to promote Obama’s book The Audacity of Hope. Oprah chided that if Obama decided to make a presidential run, she hoped he would announce intent on her show. Obama’s book hit No. 1 on Amazon and New York Times book lists, a week later Time magazine hit newsstands with a Obama cover and caption “Why Barack Obama Could Be the Next President”.

Announcing his candidacy on February 10, 2007 (not on Oprah, rather the steps of the Illinois State Legislature ) Obama trailed front runner Hillary Clinton for most of 2007. Considered a long shot, I firmly believe Oprah’s fund raising, endorsement and appearances at rallies catapulted Obama to official nominee on August 27, 2008.

Call me delusional but Bernie Sanders could be the Democrat nominee, we just need to find him an Oprah. Look at the facts – Hillary is a prig. Stiff, prudish, unimaginative, a two dimensional rubber stamp politician spewing  rhetoric with practiced correctness. When she speaks, all I hear is blah, blah, blah. My disdain for Hillary is curious. Twenty years ago I might have jumped on the gender wagon forsaking content for girl power, the single bright light being that today finds me demanding substance. Bernie Sanders has more substance than Hillary could muster in a lifetime.

It may be too little, too late but don’t let media tell you who the Democratic nominee will be. We need to find Bernie an Oprah, and fast!


Bernie Sanders For President

As Bernie Sanders campaign for Democratic presidential candidate builds steam, I find myself pondering why America needs a social democrat president. America is at a crossroads, one littered with flotsam of contentious bickering and abysmal direction. Realities of twice elected Barrack Obama falling victim to obliterating waves of right wing propaganda, can’t eradicate a simple truth. Convoluted as the American political system may be, a majority of citizens voted to elect a Democrat for president. Not once but twice – in my mind that speaks volumes.

Obama failed to smarten America up because right wing alarmists had a field day with trivial diversions. Substance mattered less than hysterical fear mongering accusations. Despite majority’s voice, Obama didn’t stand a chance. Right wing media convinced scores of citizens their president was actually Muslim, a man with secret agendas aimed at introducing Sharia law. Propaganda convinced lunk-heads to dig trenches, to bluster asinine anti Obama rhetoric – for no other reason than he was black, with Hussein as his middle name.

That same majority faces a critical decision – Hillary or Bernie?  Majority must consider repercussions of screwing up, majority means squat if the outcome ignites a replay of Obama’s fate. Electing Hillary guarantees a presidential term clouded by frivolous controversy. Right wing hot heads are poised for a repeat performance of diversionary tactics. A majority vote for Clinton, amounts to handing good intentions to nincompoops on a silver platter. Already they’re calling for impeachment of Clinton (if elected ) based on the email scandal and Benghazi.

Democrats can elect the next president, but it has to be one without baggage. It isn’t enough to vote Democrat. America is in serious trouble, majority recognized this by twice electing Obama. Time has come for majority to retake a floundering nation, to stand up and say I want change, a majority willing to radically alter right wing ideology by daring to embrace unfamiliar territory. What’s wrong with socialized policies, what harm comes from breaking free of antiquated shackles? Be fearless, take a leap of faith and nominate Bernie Sanders.