Nation of Simpletons

I do my best to ignore Bill O’Reilly. Time spent pondering O’Reilly, is time lost and loathed. Days of amusing myself with repugnant snippets of O’Reiily’s smug ignorance are long gone. Despite admirable intentions, every so often, this numskull smirks uninvited across my screen.

Tonight’s source of provocation – O’Reilly’s “theory” in response to a recent Gallup poll. Pollsters published statistics pointing to America “evenly split” between people who identify as liberal vs. conservative. Apparently in 1999 conservatives outnumbered liberals two to one. Bill O’Reilly has an explanation…

“Only about 50 percent of the American people take the time to understand important issues,” he said on his show this week. “Half the country does not; they are simpletons, unwilling and unable to discipline themselves into formulating a philosophy of life.”

O’Reilly added that those who supported President Obama in 2008 and 2012 must not have “grasped” his policies, and only cast their votes for him “because of his charisma and his historic position as the first black man to achieve the White House.”

O’Reilly is insignificant to me – his hold over millions of conservative Americans is another matter. Right wing America’s poster boy just declared liberal voters unfortunate inhabitants of bell curve’s lowest regions. Never mind that IQ bell curves plot roughly the same percentage on top as at the bottom, with 70% somewhere in the middle – according to O’Reilly, liberals are simpletons.

Immature allegations of mental capacity are nothing new, petulant playground insults occupy all grade school recesses. Calling out intelligence is the fall back position when you haven’t a leg to stand on. Attempts to justify unpleasant realities with blanket assertions of “they’re all stupid” ring pathetic at best.


Happy Half Of The Bible

Bill O’Reilly is one of those people who makes me want to throw up. Up until a few years ago I  tuned into his nonsense when needing a laugh or reminder of how divided society has become. All that changed the day my son entered the room and thought I was watching a skit on the Comedy Network. Assuring him O’Reilly was for real collided with my son asking why I didn’t change channels – he was right of course, I turned him off and began to ponder the reality of O’Reilly’s poison.

O’Reilly epitomizes bone headed logic. He’s the poster boy for right wing gobbly gook , the head of a massive fundamentalist snake devouring common sense. The man spreads misinformation designed to bolster panic stricken Christian voters into believing Obama is evil and only God can save America. Never lost for smug jabs, complete with his brand of sneering disapproval for concepts of tolerance, inclusion, or middle ground. O’Reilly cares little for truth – it doesn’t matter that his inflammatory declarations are continuously proven wrong. Millions  hang on his every word – people who care only for “truth” fitting their constipated minds.

I can’t stress enough how little I care about another person’s religious view. That said, Christian hot heads intent on rabid condemnation, dangerous muck raking and hamster wheel logic make me bristle. Perhaps the reason, my one O’Reilly guilty pleasure is watching Bill Maher have a go at him. Maher barely has to say anything before O’Reilly’s righteous high ground disintegrates into that of a blithering school yard bully. This video spot lights the horror and reality of pompous right wing thinking. I laughed out loud when Maher asked O’Reilly why Christians only liked the happy half of the bible.


Bill O’Reilly Says Christianity Is Not a Religion

Wowza – please watch this video clip. Bill O’Reilly says Christianity is a philosophy not a religion. O’Reilly actually argues that Christianity, being a philosophy is exempt from rules governing freedom of religion. O’Reilly’s point of view sat me on my ass; those of Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist – name any faith – follow a religion, while Christians believe in a philosophy.

Pondering this Fox News bombshell leads to several questions.  I would love to ask O’Reilly if  and when this “philosophy” will start paying taxes. If indeed a philosophy, why did he call David Silverman of American Atheists “insane” for then responding that Atheism was a philosophy. If a philosophy, how can it be the only true philosophy, and not be a religion. When did it become a philosophy – certainly not when the church burned philosophers at the stake.

Bill O’Reilly tends to blurt out ridiculous justification for his points of view; I know that and avoid his venomous propaganda. The problem is – millions of Fox viewers take his word as the gospel. For every person who scoffs at O’Reilly, there are two more taking it hook, line and sinker.

Some Foxy News

I used to tune into Fox News every once and a while when I needed a laugh. As time passed it wasn’t funny any more. Somewhere around Hurricane Katrina I was able to snap out of it. Not certain whether Greta Van Susteren’s holier than thou attitude , Geraldo Rivera’s grandstanding, or Glenn Beck reporting that ” the only Katrina victims shown on television were the scumbags”, were responsible for my decision to never again stoop to that level. All I know is by the time officials remembered thousands of people stranded inside the convention centre – Fox News had made me so angry I wanted to scream.

It’s difficult to pin-point when news media took on an agenda. I come from an era when the six o’clock news covered stories of the day. Reporters investigated, researched, and sought the truth. I’m aware enough to realize it wasn’t all roses, yet  had considerable faith in words printed in the newspaper and reports on television. It would have been unthinkable to tune into a particular station based on political or religious beliefs. The news didn’t work that way – at least it never used to.

Today we listen to what we want to hear, and because it’s “news” take it as the truth. I’ve heard of CNN being referred to as  “communist news network”, and in the same breath a declaration that Obama is a Muslim. The Bill O’Reilly’s and Glenn Becks of this world become superstars – their editorial opinion taken as truth. Today’s news preaches to the choir; a captive audience feeding on the egos of puffed up front-men, all for the sake of the bottom line – advertising dollars.

News stations have become irresponsible, biased, and quite frankly – dangerous. Scratch the surface and find cartoon characters spewing nonsense – they know who’s listening, and what they want to hear. Ponder the realization that their words are taken as gospel. Fox News being the worst of the bunch, as this clip from the Daily Show aptly points out.

Might I suggest to anybody feeling the urge to repeat “news” taken from Fox….