Torsos and lemonade

Our Canada Day began with a freeway jaunt out to Cloverdale, ended with a 40 kilometer detour to Steveston on a circle route back home. Two festivals in one afternoon, two demographically opposite communities, two experiences evoking the same impression – Canada is a positive nation.

A photo my husband took last night featured the word “positivity” screened on the t-shirt of a young man. Canadian values make positivity possible. Separation of church and state, inclusiveness, gender equality, gay rights, universal healthcare, anti hate legislation and absence of fake news allow positivity to flourish.

Canadians don’t declare ours the greatest nation on Earth, identify as patriots, tolerate partisan propaganda under the guise of free speech, sleep with a gun on the nightstand, live in fear of racial/faith based violence or impose mandatory quotas on number of detained refugees.

Canada is considered a polite nation. This Canadian wants you to know, good manners are born of positivity. Happy one hundred and fifty first birthday Canada.

Saturna Island Lamb Roast

My daughter is at the coolest Canada Day event imaginable. Envy blew a gasket when she texted this image a few hours ago.


Since 1950, 31 square kilometer Saturna Island (currently 350 permanent residents )has hosted a community lamb roast on July 1.

The Southern Gulf Islands, including Saturna.

Next Canada Day we plan to ferry, water taxi or float plane ourselves to Saturna Island for lamb roasted on open fires.Accommodation is scarce, we’ll likely pitch a tent next to hers in a clearing behind her friend’s parents house. Does it get more Canadian than that? Happy Canada Day.