Keith Richards

Feeling rather mellow, deciding Playing For Change hadn’t graced this page in a while, I went on a PFC hunt. What started as needing a Grandpa Elliot or Clarence Bekker fix, turned into a Keith Richards moment. Playing For Change is like that, you never know how it’s going to hit you.

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This PFC video might have passed unnoticed – then I spotted Richards. Not your Rolling Stones Richards, or some old rocker clinging to former glory – simply a 70 year old man happy to sing along. His face, exquisitely carved – a face that exuded  joy, one making no apologies for ravages of time or unflattering profile. Mesmerized I studied his hands, let my eyes linger on the crevices and folds supporting his masterful visage.

Ponder the face of old age – Keith Richards reminded me how beautiful it can be.  Youth serves a purpose – how we conduct ourselves once that fades is the true test of our mettle.





No More Trouble

Far too long since Playing For Change took center stage in my thoughts, a timely reminder of their message seemed appropriate this evening.  A movement to unite people through music, provide safe havens with music schools in third world countries, and make all of us smile with hope for a better tomorrow.

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Clarence Bekker Plays For Change

Far too much time has passed since I pondered Playing For Change. Clarence Bekker of PFC fronts yet another version of What’s Up – Sunday night medicine for all that ails you. Take a moment to click on the following link, Playing For Change is a movement making a real difference.

A Musical Theory


Despite the fact I couldn’t carry a tune to save my life, I secretly dreamed of being a “do-wap” girl. To be honest I thought life should be a musical. Certain there was a tune for any situation – I would imagine city streets erupting into song and dance. Maybe I was having a bad day or bored out of my mind; I can’t say for sure, it was a long time ago. The point is – music made everything right – even if it was only in my head.

Watch the little girl in the video; not a care in the world, allowing herself to taken away by music. Music is primal, powerful, and liberating. The world would be a better place if we all just let our hair down and gave into it. Playing For Change is trying to spread that message – go ahead, let down your guard and dance, The world might  seem a bit easier to take –  and for anyone with 13 minutes to spare, click on the link below  – Clarence Bekker kicks ass.