A Letter To America

Dear America,

I’m writing to inform you of a grave situation requiring immediate attention. Despite previous correspondence on the subject, your refusal to acknowledge or attempt resolution is troubling. Effective immediately –  it is unacceptable to hide behind the 2nd amendment, your “right to bear arms”  destroys the very fabric of your nation.

Today’s shooting at Seattle Pacific University killed one, injured 3 more. Further carnage – halted by a brave student who disarmed suspect Aaron Ybarra as he re-loaded his gun.  26 year old Ybarra has been arrested – KIRO news in Seattle reports Ybarra obsessed over the Columbine massacre, had traveled to Columbine and wanted to “shoot up a school”.

With flowers still fresh at memorials in Isla Vista California where Elliot Rogers recently killed 6 and injured 7 – America can no longer hide behind illogical protestations of constitutional rights to defend themselves.

Students don’t carry firearms in their lunch pail, movie goers haven’t a hand gun in their popcorn, office workers can’t pull a gun out of holsters. Consistent white washing of the gun problem must cease.  Any chance of regaining your former glory teeters on swift action – failing to pull heads from the sand will be your undoing.

Fooling yourselves with stock answers like ” guns don’t kill people, people kill people” or “mental illness, not guns is the problem” are laughably insufficient. Guns are your biggest problem – easy access to weapons  kills people. Crazy will always be crazy, mental illness is an issue unto itself – handing weapons to “crazy”, refusing to limit semi-automatic weapons, allowing self proclaimed militia groups to stock pile arsenals, bowing to powerful NRA lobby pressure – just makes you crazy.

America – you need to get a grip, snap out of your fuzzy illusions of an outdated constitution – demand gun reform. I know it won’t be easy, I realize your fundamental belief guns keep you safe is hard to shake. I sympathize with the backlash, the onslaught of pressure a new found backbone will create – change is never achieved without the fortitude of ordinary citizens demanding a better world.

Your childish refusal to grasp the gravity of this situation will ultimately lead to demise of the very nation you claim to respect. Stop embarrassing yourselves, all that stands between you and fantasy of your once great nation – is your  pig headed stubbornness to put reason before propaganda. You should be ashamed of yourselves.