Hey Ladies

Sometimes relaxation calls for a dance party, an uninvited solo dance off delivered with welcome acuity. Relaxation is subjective, a personal matter, to each his own. Me – when time to blow off steam knocks, it’s time to dance. No better place to start than Beastie Boys Hey Ladies –


Rants Apparently Lead To Rock

I’ve been a rather grumpy Notes the last week or so. As I explained to a friend – much like a geyser, I blow off steam then settle down for a while. Without fail, my decompression stage usually centers around a Kid Rock dance party, accompanied by a cold beer or two – I dance, play air drums and re-focus my energy. I can’t explain Kid Rock. I never listen to his music, wouldn’t go to a concert, yet never fail to turn this poor quality video up real loud whenever I need to “settle down”. Go figure.