Black and White Badlands

Over the years I’ve learned about photography from my husband. If nothing else, his instruction on subtleties of light, perspective and patient correction of distance and angle make me think before clicking. Our recent road trip to Battleford, Saskatchewan proved no amount of instruction will make me a photographer. Photography is an art form, a canvas reserved for those able to see beyond the ordinary. I won’t stop taking photos, but remain in awe of my husband’s ability to tell stories by snagging the essence of time and place.

Hoo Doo Notes

This photo cracks me up. Snapped last week at the Hoo Doos in Drumheller, Alberta – absurdly stiff Notes locked in shapeless dress disregard for the passing parade. Surrounded by movement, shape and contrast – a photo bombing interloper caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Vanity begs common sense to delete without hesitation, yet I can’t bring myself to eradicate a great photo.