Walmart Canada Fashion For Little Girls

A Surrey, B.C. father wanted a summer dress for his five year old daughter. He landed on Walmart Canada website, searched “summer clothes for kids” and found this –

Unfortunate mix-up? Nope! Well maybe, but still absurd. Headline reads “Summer Style Children Dress Off Shoulder Dress Striped Dresses for Little Girls”. “Features” read – “has a design that is very sexy for little girls. Great for party, beach, festival etc. Suitable for girls aged 3 – 8. Stylish and unique design will make your kids more attractive.” WTF?

Surrey dad shocked after ‘sexy’ fishnet one-piece listed under kids’ section on Walmart website

Walmart declined to comment, but has since removed the item from their site.

Rather Blind than Fat

I’m no Kate Moss, nor am I over weight. By America’s Next Top Model standards my healthy size 8 would be considered “plus size”. North America has a massive problem with obesity. Statistics on childhood obesity are staggering, our “supersize” world is out of control. Just as remarkable are eating disorders, in no small part a result of impossible standards set by the fashion industry.

Arizona State University published the results of a recent study in the American Journal of Public Health. Based on a “blind study” of 100 women the results set me pondering. A shocking 1 in 6 said they would rather be blind than fat. It didn’t stop there; 1 in 4 would prefer herpes, severe depression, or alcoholism over a bulging waistline.

To be honest these results strike me as more disappointing than shocking. Women fought hard for the vote, equal rights ,abortion, and pay equity. Choosing a disability or social stigma in exchange for a size 2 not only defeats the battles, it proves women will never be equal.

Obesity is society’s problem, not limited to women; a concern to all. Until women are able to wrap their heads around the power of the mind, not the body – they will continue to be judged by their dress size.

Eating Disorders