Flat-Earther Plans To Launch Himself In A Homemade Steam Rocket

“Mad” Mike Hughes doesn’t believe in science. “There’s no difference between science and science fiction” claims Hughes, a card carrying member of the Flat Earth Society. Flat Earth conspiracy epitomizes the meeting of bat shit and poppycock. It begins with the premise Earth looks flat to those walking on the surface, therefore all satellite imaging and “scientific evidence” to the contrary are fabricated by NASA and other government agencies. Conspiracy to hide what? Glad you asked…

Flat Earthers believe Earth is a disc with Arctic centre and 150 foot Antarctic ring wall guarded by NASA employees – government sentries enlisted to prevent hapless citizens from climbing the ice wall and falling off into oblivion. Curiously the Sun and Moon are spheres, each a preposterous 32 miles across circling 3,000 miles above the surface of flat Earth. Stars parade back and forth 100 miles above pipsqueak Sun and Moon.Conspiracy scoffs at the illusion of gravity, flat earth couldn’t possibly possess downward force – it does however accelerate upward at a rate of 32 feet per second squared courtesy forces of dark energy.


Back to Mike Hughes, the 61 year old Limo driver/junk yard flat earth tinkering inventor poised to launch a homemade steam powered rocket above California’s Mojave dessert this Saturday.  To be clear, Mike is unquestionably “mad”, not so clear – motivation to launch a contraption promised to carry him a mile at speeds reaching 500 mph, culminating in ejection and parachute delivery back to flat Earth.

Flat-Earther to debunk round world ‘myth’ in homemade rocket – Blazing Cat Fur

“Mad” Mike Hughes photographed with his rocket November 15, 2017 in Apple Valley, California


I doubt painting “Research Flat Earth” on his rocket will afford Mad Mike an opportunity to prove Earth is flat. Still, you have to acknowledge plucky resolve and determination. Undeterred by consequences of his first rocket launch in 2014 (walked away after traveling 1,374 feet, collapsed from effects of G-force, 3 days flat on his back to recover) come Saturday Hughes will feed his 4 cats, heat 70 gallons of water in a steel tank, blast off in a homemade rocket attached to a launch pad made from a motor home purchased on Craigslist for $1,500. If all goes well, Hughes plans to run for Governor of California.

Flat Earth

Allow me to introduce bat shit – AKA, the Flat Earth Society. Lunacy dictates the Earth is flat, a disc with the arctic circle at center. Antarctica a 150 foot high ring wall guarded by NASA employees. stationed to prevent the curious from climbing, hence falling off edges of the disc. The Sun and Moon are spheres measuring 32 miles across, moving in circles 3,000 miles above the plane of Earth. Stars follow at a distance of 3,100 miles, acting as “spotlights” to illuminate different areas in a 24 hour cycle.

Flat-Earthers believe images beyond Earth’s disc are Photoshopped. Conspiracy dictates fabrication of Moon landings, elaborate staging of space missions and GPS that tricks pilots into thinking they’re flying straight lines around a sphere when in reality they fly in circles.

Based on a theory called the Zetetic Method, seeing is believing. ( A shiny gold star, awarded to those who suspect Flat Earth has bible written all over it ) 19th century English writer Samuel Rowbotham gave birth to flat earth – publication of a 16 page pamphlet titled Zetetic Astronomy, spawned a 430 page book called Earth Not a Globe, and street corner hand-out “Inconsistency of Modern Astronomy and Its Opposition to the Scriptures”. In short, our senses and the bible are crucial factors in supporting a flat, immovable Earth – essential truth not to be set aside for science, a system based solely on human conjecture. See link below for expanded Flat Earth chronology –


Flat Earth conspiracy runs deep. Targeting an elaborate hoax orchestrated to replace religion with science.Not limited to NASA (despite allegations NASA employs guardians of the Antarctic ring wall ), flat earthers claim the United Nations flag as evidence of global conspiracy. An illustrative, in your face flip off depicting flat earth enclosed by Antarctic wall.

Allow Flat Earth to alleviate guffaws and protestation. Below – 4 minutes of emphatic video, motivated by “I’m sick and tired of ignorant ice wall questions” frustration. I learnt a lot – shame on fools who believed Earth’s ice ring resembled a stone wall. How could I be so stupid – God didn’t build a fence, obviously the Antarctic ring varies in width and height. Clearly flat earth’s edges are frosty, nothingness beyond is freaking cold. Duh.