Nabta Playa

Nabta Playa is an ancient wonder few people have ever heard about. Relegated to that shady  grey area inhabited by rogue archaeology, lateral thinkers, alien conspiracies, and atheists. Aliens aside, I happily claim my place in that club. Nabta Playa is another irrefutable example of civilization lost.

Archeology defines civilization as people who developed a written language. This pondering thinker begs to differ.

Located about 100 miles from Abu Simbal in Egypt, Napta Playa dates back to the Neolithic period. A place that featured a natural basin to collect water in the wet season of the vast Saharan wasteland; a gathering place for nomadic hunter gatherers, beginning around 11,000 years ago. Evidence of domesticated animals and ceramics are interesting, but not anything special to set this site apart from countless other ancient settlements.

Nabta Playa confounds because it is another ancient example of  Orion worshippers,  unexpected men of science who built astronomical observatories to mark the solstices. Credited as the oldest discovered astronomical site on earth, pre-dating Stonehenge by 1000 years; the stones align perfectly with the constellation Orion.

Ponder distant hunter gatherers capable of the organization, planning, and implementation  of such a feat.

Old Cheese

Earlier this month researchers from the University of Bristol released findings on some very old cheese. Specifically; ancient tools used to make cheese; in Poland of all places. Pottery fragments full of small holes were analyzed and determined to be sieves used for cheese making. Dating back 7000 years, we now have scientific proof of the worlds first cheese. Similar pottery found in Turkey and Libya is suspected to be as old, but has not been tested.

“So what” you ask?

For starters; I love anything that ruffles the feathers of main stream historians. I see history as something fluid, with no beginning and no end,  expanding for eternity. History can’t be set in stone, or viewed as anything other than a riddle. To discover prehistory man, making cheese in Poland thousands of years before the pyramids, makes me giddy. This is land locked northern Europe. Hardly a truck stop on any trade route, or basking in Mediterranean sun; thought to be an outpost for barbaric hunter gatherers.

Ponder ancient Polish cheese makers; their ingenuity contradicts text book history in every way.

A sieve fragment from a clay pit in north-central Poland which was submitted to lipid residue analyses. (Credit: Image by Mélanie Salque)