Hurricane Oho

Truth be told, early morning radio babble of Hurricane Oho tracking towards the British Columbia coast and Alaska exhilarated an otherwise dreary day. Weather is one of my “things”, an obsession with whims of circumstance beyond our control. Not wanting to obliterate tendrils of tickling anticipation, I chose to shrug and proceed – no weather reports, discussion or online searches until work ended.

The fortitude mustered to relish anticipation, amidst bouts of epic curiosity bordered on ridiculous. Screw it! Knowing we wouldn’t be storm spanked could wait until after work, meanwhile I’d make the most of it. I reminded myself if Oho meant business mine wouldn’t be the only tongue wagging. Public displays of weather exuberance might be considered a tad crazy – be cool.

Coming home to news of ex-Oho, now a post tropical cyclone barely warranted sighs. We might experience “remnants”, fair enough Oho but I’m over your rush. So what if your late season path and freakish behavior made meteorological history, who cares if you’re feeding on the Pacific blob or riding El Nino’s coat-tails. I live in a rainforest, it’s going to rain from now until March – the least you could have done is whip up a little excitement.

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