What is Hate?

Pondering hate has my head in a spin, who decides what is or isn’t hate? The sobering fact being; my views of right and wrong are considered equally hateful by millions of people who see things differently. Last night I wrote about Christian Kerodin, the convicted felon behind plans for “The Citadel” – a fortified city accepting applications from prospective residents who want nothing more than to live with “like minded” people. Like minded in this case meaning an insular society free from “liberals”, city government or taxes, recycling, and criminal or background checks. All “The Citadel” asks in return is that you arrive with your own weapons, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and the attitude needed to use them.

As repugnant as I find this, the reality is – Kerodin has served his time for extortion, isn’t breaking any laws, and under his constitutional rights can say anything he pleases. Stock piling guns and ammunition, wilfully excluding those who don’t fit your “mould”, and building a utopian society in a remote corner of Idaho are completely within the law.

Strictly speaking I have no right to criticise or condemn his actions. The flip side being that I wouldn’t want my voice or opinions to be squashed just because others didn’t agree. All of which takes me back to pondering hate.

I wonder at what point freedom of speech crosses the line? Are we so consumed with freedom of speech and religion that we allow hate to poison society? Is there anything wrong with a fundamentalist preacher attacking homosexuals; does that fall under freedom of speech or is it a hate crime? Are my pro-choice views hateful, and if so who decides? Freedom of speech appears to guarantee racist organizations the right to spread  hate, at what point if any does that become a hate crime?

There isn’t an easy answer – I wouldn’t want my voice silenced any more than a fundamentalist radical would want their views snuffed. That said – what is hate and where do we draw the line?

The Citadel

Call me a silly Canadian but I’m inclined to think building a fortified town, populated by heavily armed citizens in a remote corner of Idaho borders on treason – America on the other hand calls it “The Citadel”.

According to an article that appeared in the Idaho Statesman in January of this year, convicted felon Christian Kerodin is the promoter behind the “fortress”. Kerodin, convicted in 2004 of extortion, posed on-line as a security expert with knowledge of malls in danger of terrorist attacks. He then demanded $122,500.00 from a mall executive to release the names of an additional 14 targeted malls. Mall executive turned out to be a homeland security officer and Kerodin served 30 months. A pay-pal account set up under his wife’s name is collecting the $208.00 application fee from prospective residents – people of like mind, drooling at the prospect of living behind a wall with enough rounds of ammunition to sink a battleship.


According to The Citadel website, this planned community will house between 3,500 – 7000 patriotic families willing to prepare for any emergency, people who are proficient with “the American icon of liberty – the rifle” They promise no home owners association, recycling,city hall, taxes, or credit/background checks.


With all due respect – what is wrong with you people? Have you taken leave of your senses, or is this all a big joke? The fact that this man was even given the time of day by – surprise, surprise – Glen Beck makes my blood boil. ┬áLife, liberty and the pursuit of happiness doesn’t translate into convicted felons promoting hate, fear, and weapon caches. Holy crap America; you’re losing your grip. Snap out of it.