We Go Out

We go out when the light is right. I can’t define the right light, but know it when I see it The right light requires patience – not bite your tongue, let’s get this over with patience – the right light is different than that. It takes me places. Street festivals,back alleys, country roads – I never know where and understand I have no say in the matter. At times it dictates an about face so sudden, resentment almost slips off my tongue – then I remind myself, it’s the right light.

The right light isn’t always natural – sometimes street light penetrates October fog, neon manages to cast unannounced shadows or sleepy houses allow it to escape through hastily drawn curtains. It sings ever so softly to those who listen. It begs us to ponder an unseen world – it asks us to gaze outward, to rest our eyes on all it illuminates.

The right light transforms ordinary into extraordinary. It begs us to look at “everyday” as a moment of wonder. The right light makes no apologies or distinction between postcard expectation and humanity’s struggles. When light is heard, the instant we listen to to its song a remarkable transformation erupts. The right light opens minds faster than eyes – it puts the world in focus.