NASA Explains

NASA Explains

NASA has already prepared a press release to be issued on Dec. 22, 2012. It explains why the world didn’t end the night before. Personally, if I were NASA I would be issuing this statement in advance. It explains the Mayan long count calendar in easy to understand terms; who knows – it might just diffuse doomsday nonsense.

My interest in ancient cultures has offered plenty of time to ponder prophecy. Without exception, prophecy appears in every every last one. Rather than dwell on a single apocalyptic date; view it as a warning or cautionary tale.  I’m no expert , my conclusions stem from reasonable common sense.

I see prophecy as the means by which ancient cultures explained events. The last ice age ended a mere 15,000 years ago; a cosmic blink of the eye. Volcanic eruptions, drought, disease – all devastating natural occurrences. All part of a natural cycle. Our ancient past revered the world, worshipped the sun, seasons and stars. Catastrophic events recorded in the context of ancient belief were referred to as the end of an age, or rebirth. Ancient cultures took nothing for granted. Their prophecy served as a warning – it could happen to any one, at any time.

Arrogance has led us to believe we are invincible, becoming as delusional as we are vulnerable. The climate will change, history shows us that. We are at the mercy of solar flares, asteroids, and ” super volcanoes “. We have no control over natural events, they are inevitable and unstoppable. The things we can control are what worries me.  It doesn’t take a genius to realize we’ve lost our way.  Our lack of regard for the world is something we should all be ashamed of.

Click on the link NASA Explains at the top of my post. Learn about the Mayan calendar, ponder the mind boggling knowledge these people possessed. When you’re done – look at your life, reassess your priorities, and mark Dec. 21, 2012 on your calendar as the day you plan to start looking at the world with fresh eyes.

Pondering Prophecies

I realize  by mentioning prophecies I’m walking the thin line between the perception of “wacko” and credibility. With that in mind I offer a brief disclaimer – I’m not putting my affairs in order, waiting for the world to end on Dec. 21 of this year. I don’t hang on every word written by Nostradamus. I don’t believe “Bigfoot” is an alien or Hitler escaped in a time capsule. That said, I do believe there are many things we don’t understand. Recent discoveries such as Gobekli Tepe, Catalhoyuk, and Varna  solidify my assertion –  the civilization timeline I learned in school should be tossed out the window.

The Hopi Prophecies talk of our world being destroyed three times in the past. Mankind is at the end of the fourth stage, about to enter the fifth.

Nostradamus’ prophecy is of a third world war that will take place after a large number of natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods.

Doomsday predictions regarding the Mayan calendar ending this December have been latched onto by news media.

My pondering mind can’t help itself. With the storm of the century bearing down on the East coast, last night’s massive earthquake off the coast of British Columbia, and tremor in LA this  morning; I make no apology for pondering prophecy.

Gobekli Tepe

Gobekli Tepe an architectural site discovered by a Kurdish farmer in 1994, pre-dates the pyramids by 7000 years, Thousands of years before conventional thinking believed possible. This site shatters our former timeline of human evolution.

Pillars at the temple of Göbekli Tepe