Vancouver Faces, Dark Spaces

Two distinct photographic galleries shot by my husband. Vancouver faces, followed by dark spaces –

Dark spaces –

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Several weeks ago Literary Orphans, a Chicago based indie art/literary site asked permission to use his work as “featured artist” of the month. Several friends thought I wrote his introduction ( which I didn’t, but it echoes my sentiments to the letter )

“Thomas H’s photographs are deliberate and intentional. Each image opens up into a fantastic story of it’s own, painting a scene–a setting for a story to take place in. It makes you question and wonder and ponder the thought behind the lens. It’s impossible to view Thomas H’s work and not to take in the beauty of these vivid settings; be it a the serenity of a lush forest, or the personality of a painting balancing preposterously on a bench. Many of Thomas H’s photos portray instances and moments that immediately make you look for more–a man sneaking a drag from a cigarette outside on a bench, a station wagon on the side of the road with an open door. These photographs capture the sense of someone roaming the world they inhabit, finding the magic that others overlook.”

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Photographs Until Tomorrow

Much as I wanted to finish a ponder on the emergency room, a post reflecting my thoughts and conspicuous absence over the past few days – I’ve run out of energy. Knowing I’ll feel better tomorrow, certainly more able to reflect on the intricacies of ER shenanigans. I leave you tonight with photographs of Vancouver taken by my husband over the past few days.

Vancouver Last Week

My street closed and tented for the Children’s Hospital Telethon weekend.

City sponsored sculpture along Expo Blvd. in False Creek east. Green lights on condo balconies represent protest against the city for granting developers extra density in exchange for building a park. You guessed it – no park.

European Festival at Swangard Stadium.

Buddhist Festival

Victory Square Festival

All photographs by my husband @

Starry, Starry Night

My husband takes amazing night photos – on clear fog-less evenings, he finds stars. All photos were taken tonight around Squamish B.C. Without fail , “oh, look at the stars” is my first reaction.