Night And Day

“Night and day” is an expression of vast differences, a term used to punctuate opposites and vocalize obvious chasms of separation. Every so often I use the term to illustrate radical improvement or to qualify observations of change. It never occurred to me night and day inhabited a realm between robotic utterance and practical reference to light in the sky.

After work this afternoon, night and day revealed another dimension. Not so much another dimension as a shared reality emanating from a handful of my husband’s photographs .Opposite as night and day may be, both are exquisite, textured and revealing. Ponder night and day with fresh eyes –

New Camera

Last week my husband purchased a new camera. Sony S7 means squat in my point and click Android phone world, but one look at “new camera” images screamed holy crap. New camera creates sublime poetry out of the ordinary. Before new camera his frustration was puzzling – now I’m beginning to see what he’s trying to say.

Sag Mir, Wo Die Blumen Sind