Stop Procrastinating – Consider 26 Weeks to Emergency Ready

While Hurricane Sandy is the story today, lets not forget the earthquake in B.C. on Saturday. The massive 7.7 was the third largest ever recorded in Canada. Scores of aftershocks, some as high as 6.4 continue to shake the Pacific coast.

Most people think of themselves as invincible. The not in my backyard attitude is simply not going to prepare anyone for the unexpected. We are given a few days warning to prepare for a major storm. I can guarantee that other than stocking up on water and canned food or batteries: most people wouldn’t have a clue where to begin. If a major earthquake hit a populated area, ponder getting by with no emergency plan or supplies.

Time to stop procrastinating. This is an easy way to find a starting place, a way to spread out the cost, and the perfect platform to involve your entire family.The link below gives you a task a week for 26 weeks.


Hurricane Felix by NASA

West Coast Tsunami Warning After 7.7 Earthquake

At 8:04 PM tonight Pacific Time a 7.7 magnitude earthquake hit the Queen Charlotte Islands in British Columbia. An initial tsunami warning was issued for coastal areas from the North tip of Vancouver Island to Alaska. In the last few minutes it has been expanded to include the entire coast of B.C., Pacific coastal states of the U.S. all the way to Hawaii. Emergency officials don’t anticipate a major event,that aside communities such as Tofino on the West coast of Vancouver Island have evacuated their residents.

For those of us on the west coast another reminder that we live in an active seismic region. Time to ponder our emergency plans.

Description of Tsunami Notification Zones for British Columbia Click here>>[PDF]