Crocodiles Climb Trees

In no particular order and for no particular reason – three things I learned today….

Assistant research professor Vladimir Dinets at the University of Tennessee  published a study in Herpetology Notes claiming crocodiles climb trees. Apparently four species from Africa, Australia, and North America were observed clamoring up to four meters above ground and five meters along branches. Obviously smaller reptiles able to reach higher than cumbersome old timers.

We face a national clown shortage – don’t blame “Sideshow Bob” , the writing has been on the wall for decades.

University of Illinois researchers have developed plastics that can heal themselves. Capillaries within plastics are filled with restorative chemicals. When damage occurs, these chemicals mix and fill in damaged areas.

“We have demonstrated repair of a nonliving, synthetic materials system in a way that is reminiscent of repair-by-regrowth as seen in some living systems,” – Professor Jeffry S Moore

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