Putting Putin In Perspective

Suspend Trump outrage for a moment. Consider shirtless Putin.

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Image result for shirtless putin sochi hotels

How soon we forget the Sochi Olympics – high priced hotels built to accommodate international travelers, guest room walls adorned with photo shopped art depicting shirtless Putin. Putin declaring all who complained about his half dressed image straddling wild animals above their pillow as –  “babies who cry”. WTF?

Wonder why Trump and Putin play nice? Neither gives a rat’s ass what anyone thinks. Trouble is, Putin has the upper hand. Russians calling bat shit on Putin mysteriously disappear. Americans recognizing Trump as their greatest disaster talk till blue in the constitutional face, all they get is a fake news headache.


“Babies Who Cry” – Shirtless Putin

I can’t decide if I’m being petty, stating the obvious or caught somewhere between disgust and holy crap. Regardless of my motivation; I’m powerless to leave this ponder alone. If this image doesn’t make you wonder, I don’t know what will.



You’ve just checked into your outrageously expensive hotel room in Sochi – hotels built to accommodate international travellers to the Olympics – what’s this? Not landscapes or abstract paintings on the wall; still life photo reproductions of a shirtless Putin – if you’re lucky, photo shopped riding wild animals. Putin straddles a bear above your bed.

Estimated cost of in your face Putin – 2 million dollars. His chest reported to adorn virtually every room in Sochi. In response to numerous complaints from visitors “grossed out” by his bare chest; Putin dismissed outrage, referring to them as “babies who cry”.

Holy crap Putin – what gives? If you want to join the Village People that’s one thing – we totally understand.  If you want to be taken seriously as the leader of a world power – put your damn shirt on.