Why Theoretical Time Travel Is Impossible

Daunting as ponders of theoretical physics might be, no harm comes from attempting to grasp their place in our reality. All it requires is willingness to imagine possibilities, nothing more than a moment of fleeting resolve dedicated to suspension of text book rational. Dipping a toe in space time’s pond isn’t intimidating, all it requires is an open mind.

Renowned physicist Richard Muller has a hypothesis  Рtime expands because space expands, creating more space creates more time. As such, time is directional, capable only of forward movement, incapable of backward interference.

Take three minutes to hear Muller, he’ll explain better than I ever could.

Why time travel isn’t possible

Gravitational Waves

In 1916,¬† Albert Einstein pondered his general theory of relativity, suggesting gravity as a distortion of space and time triggered by the presence of matter. One hundred years later, scientists at LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory ) proved Einstein right. Read link below –


It dawned on me – appreciating the magnitude of this week’s announcement, affirmation of Einstein’s theory – called for understanding what the fuss was about. With that in mind, I offer a short video explaining gravitational waves – – – –