Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

I have some weaknesses, one being an addiction to reality TV’s the Voice. Screw American Idol, the Voice explains why Idol went off the air. If you haven’t been exposed to Voice the premise is simple – contestants have 90 seconds to entice judges to “turn their chair”. Blind auditions result in chairs “turned” for the voice rather than appearance. Over weeks, competition evolves from blind auditions to “battle rounds” (head to head competition forcing judges to eliminate one “voice” ) Finally, American voters whittle down contestants, determining “The Voice”. Last night a nail biter found Emily Keener in the “bottom two”. Emily “sang for her life” against Owen Danoff. Owen prevailed, Emily was sent home. Reduced to screaming WTF at my television – Emily was robbed! Did I mention she’s 17 years old? Watch Emily’s performance followed by Owen’s – you decide. Me – I can’t stop watching Emily,

Sawyer Fredericks

I don’t make a point of watching television talent contests. Flipping through the channels, a chance introduction to Sawyer Fredericks changed all that. Fredericks auditioned for “The Voice”, his presence dictated setting my PVR to record.

Week after week, this farm boy from upstate New York commanded full attention. I found myself rushing home on “Voice” nights, impatiently fast forwarding to his performance. Tonight, 17 year old Fredericks won The Voice.

Every so often we’re gifted with extraordinary talent, people born for no other purpose than to sing. Sawyer Fredericks is destined to become one of America’s great musical voices.

Take a moment to watch these video clips – ponder the pure joy of Sawyer Fredericks.