Regret Large Tomahawk Vanity in Leningrad

Tonight I ponder my favorite posts. Impossible to explain why – they just are. “Regret” is not well written, but is the first time I hit “publish” on personal thoughts. My intention was to nudge the reader, as there is a message in it that we can all relate to.

“Worlds Largest Tomahawk” – nothing more than a couple hundred words; reminding me of a perfect day driving across Canada.

“Vanity” hit me on the head one night after a glass or two of wine; extremely pleased with myself for writing such a clever observation.

“Leningrad Symphony” represents a holy crap moment – I knew nothing of the siege of Leningrad; a testament to the human spirit.

As with any proud mother, I could list favorite after favorite – my blog year, close to a first anniversary has taught me volumes about myself, and opened my eyes on the world. A hearty thank you to those who liked or followed me along the way.


Ponder this – the ancient city of Derinkuyu in Turkey, estimated to have been constructed between the 5th and 10th centuries, is completely below ground. Virtually invisible from above, 11 stories deep, able to house at least 35 thousand people. It has an elaborate ventilation system, stables, kitchens, living quarters, and massive sliding stone doors, that make it impossible to penetrate. Quite an accomplishment for people with nothing more than hand tools.