Biblical Anti-Vaxxer Jibber-Jabber

Meet anti-vaxxer extraordinaire Brittney Kara. According to her Amazon bio, Brittney is a master NLP practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) hypnotherapist, nutrition coach, author and mother.

Anti-vaxxer jibber-jabber has Brittney to thank for a naturopathic epiphany of Biblical proportion – Vaccines are bad because God never mentioned them in the Bible. Seems Brittney decided to Google vaccines in the Bible, when no reference was found she went public. Watch a short video from



Nosode – defined as Homeopathic preparation of substances secreted in the course of a disease, used in the treatment of that disease. So what you say?

Understanding Nosodes requires a little ponder – Homeopathy is the practice of alternative medicine, created in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann – the belief that substances making healthy people sick, will make sick people healthy. Achieving this requires matching “remedies” to symptoms or “miasms” – the underlying cause of disease. Remedies achieved by continuously “diluting” (with water or alcohol) mucus or tissue from a diseased person. When deemed harmless – all traces of disease diluted to oblivion, what’s left is a homeopathic nosode.

Here’s the problem – of the 179 nosode products approved for sale by Health Canada under Natural Health Product Regulations – 82 are specifically used for prevention of influenza, pertussis, measles and polio. Hailed as safe and effective alternatives to traditional vaccines, with absolute zero science fact to back them up. In September 2013, Health Canada made it mandatory to include a warning, “This product is not intended as an alternative to vaccination”. No further scrutiny, regulation or banning of nosode remedies required.

A new generation of parents want the best for their children. Parents oblivious to memories of polio epidemics or infant mortality caused by whooping cough or mumps. Hysterical social media convinces young parents traditional vaccines cause Autism, or cautions risks for greater than advantages. Routine vaccination, once salvation of a modern world, is becoming questionable. A Health Canada warning few will ever see, no match for a tsunami of jibber-jabber to the contrary.

It’s not OK for holistic medical practitioners to claim homeopathic nosodes will prevent disease. Health Canada needs its head examined for refusing to ban the use of “remedies” Enough is enough – smarten up people, vaccinate your children.