Vancouver Last Week

My street closed and tented for the Children’s Hospital Telethon weekend.

City sponsored sculpture along Expo Blvd. in False Creek east. Green lights on condo balconies represent protest against the city for granting developers extra density in exchange for building a park. You guessed it – no park.

European Festival at Swangard Stadium.

Buddhist Festival

Victory Square Festival

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Polar Bear Swim 2015

2015 arrived with outstanding brilliance, Vancouver’s fourth straight day of clear skies. Winter sunshine = “Arctic High”, a strong ridge of arctic air holding Pacific storms at bay. Afternoon temperatures just above freezing didn’t stop an estimated 15-18 thousand people from charging boldly into 3 C/47 F waters of English Bay.

The 2015 Polar Bear Swim at English Bay

Aerial view from News 1130

Following – a combination of images taken by Notes and her husband.

2015-01-01 14.29.39-1

2015-01-01 14.32.54

2015-01-01 14.45.12

2015-01-01 14.59.37-2

2015-01-01 14.19.11-1

Happy New Year.


The Light of Street Photography

In my mind, outstanding street photography captures the ordinary. Extraordinary happens when that capture transforms ordinary into art. Light, shadow, movement, frailty, exuberance, calamity – infinite nuance revealed in a single frame. Photographic expressions of a world most look, yet rarely see.

I’m not artistic -perspective, shading and dimension cripple my crayon. Writing descriptive paragraphs faster than juvenile stick figures is my expression. Unable to shade simple drawings renders my photographic attempts expressionless, flat and unremarkable. I don’t understand light. Correct me if wrong – either you “get” light or you don’t. The art of street photography starts with light – a medium transforming ordinary.

My husband “gets” light – artists are born that way. He follows light – transforming unremarkable streets into photographic canvas. I don’t have to understand intricacies – art doesn’t work that way. His light evokes stark reality, captures secrets, exposes truth and bathes ordinary in extraordinary.

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