Female Revolutionaries

Ponder International Women’s Day, ask yourself why women need a day of recognition. Let others quibble about reasons for lack of International Men’s Day or international days paying lip service to minorities. Forget social conscience lip service paid to atrocities and injustice. Dismiss tired debate of pay and gender equality. Take a moment, click on the link below and understand why women kick ass.


Equal Rights

Ponder equal rights as you have a little dance party courtesy Playing For Change. What exactly are equal rights? Are we all created equal or are we segregated by geography and religion? Are any of us less equal simply because we were born in the wrong place or time? Are women inferior in one place, and respected in another simply because of a lousy roll of the dice? Think about a world free from religious restraints; a place where we were all created equal – a place where squabbling over the after- life was considered a petty waste of time. Imagine what we might accomplish.