Island Of The Dolls

Just south of Mexico City the canals of Xochimico surround ancient man-made islands. Testament to lost ingenuity, islands created by the Aztec empire as farmland. One of them ranks as contender for “world’s creepiest place”, the Island of the Dolls.

Legend has it that in 1950, farmer and lone occupant Don Julian Santana witnessed a little girl drown in a canal. Believing her spirit haunted the island, Santana reasoned collecting dolls as his only protection. Over the next 50 years Santana scavenged 1,500 dolls (or parts thereof) hanging them from trees or placing them on any surface capable of display. He died in 2001 – some say he drowned in the exact spot as the little girl, others claim it was a heart attack. Regardless, his bizarre little island has become a tourist destination for those seeking a hair raising spectacle.