Pyramid of the Sun is lined with Mica

The Pyramid of the Sun in the ancient city of Teotihuacan Mexico, was lined with sheets of Mica. Mica is an excellent conductor of electricity. This Mica came from a quarry thousands of miles away in South America. Archaeologists have no idea how they were able to accomplish this, or for what purpose the Mica was intended.

2 thoughts on “Pyramid of the Sun is lined with Mica

  1. The subject is a fascinating field to study (mica layers in pyramids). Apparently said mica came from a long way off and was found in a couple of pyramids; one of which was savaged by the guy ‘investigating’ it (he stripped it and made quite a few bucks, mica being a prized and expensive commodity).

    Go there as a tourist, get the photos, eat the cookies and pat the dog … but be warned, if you start asking too many questions you’ll end up both hooked and totally frustrated. As they used to say in ye olde maps “Beyond here be monsters!”

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