Kings of Pain

Resistance is futile. Trust me, I tried to avoid Kings of Pain airing on History Channel. Ignored promotional clips, balked at tuning in, ran for the hills when it appeared on the TV guide. Ultimately I caved, momentary weakness spawned inexplicable obsession. Kings of Pain is satisfying on SO MANY levels!

Overview – hosts Adam Thom  ( “wildlife biologist” ) and Rob “Caveman” Aleva ( “animal handler” ) travel the globe in search of venomous, deadly or cranky insects and animals. Their mission, to rank bites and stings on a 30 point scale in 3 categories – 10 points each for initial physical pain, duration of pain and after effects.

Kings of Pain must be seen to be believed. Not for the premise, but for dialogue (seriously now, how many times can two men call each other “dude” in an hour), absurd ineptitude of on camera medics and hysterical observation of fore mentioned medics posing awkwardly when on camera. It’s so great!





9 thoughts on “Kings of Pain

  1. I’ll take your word for it. I’ve been stung just a few times in my life, once by a jellyfish that fairly took my mind off of what I was attempting at the time. Brrr!

    I discovered very early on to not (r) NOT flap and yell and squawk etc etc at bees and stuff—just leave ’em alone and if they don’t take the hint then get the hell out of Dodge. It works.

  2. Oh, one of Notes’ rock band videos, I thought. Not! Goodness me. If anything, the fact that dudes do this willingly, makes me less worried. There is – perhaps – life after stings.

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