4 thoughts on “Vancouver Street Peek

    • He takes photos without anyone knowing it. His camera hangs from a strap around his neck, it looks like his hand casually keeps it from bouncing about as he walks. Not in a million years would anyone suspect he’s snapping photos. 🙂

      • I am not brave enough to point directly at people who might come up to me and get shirty.
        Though blogpal, Bill Jones Jnr, over in the states does mostly street and he says he just clicks away and t hell with objections.

      • Tom has it down to a science, his clicks are imperceptible, the camera never appears to do anything but hang on a strap. Last year I saw a tourist raise his camera, fiddle about with settings and brazenly photograph a homeless man. Holy crap! Homeless man went berserk, punched tourist and smashed the offending camera into a hundred pieces on the sidewalk. Not cool tourist dude! Have some respect.

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