Shambhala 2017

From Shambhala 2017,  images captured by my husband at the annual music festival near Salmo B.C. Explore and enlarge at –


7 thoughts on “Shambhala 2017

    • Shambhala celebrated 20 years this August. I’ve never been, electronic dance music isn’t my thing, my husband and boys on the other hand wouldn’t miss it. Held on a private ranch in the middle of nowhere, one dirt road in and out. 15,000 people set up camp and immerse themselves in a weekend of drum and base extravagance. It’s like Vegas, what happens there stays there. This year a forest fire started 20 km away, by morning it jumped the river and burned 9 km from the ranch. Authorities issued an evacuation order Saturday night, then withdrew the order Sunday morning when rain tamed the fire. Multiple stages play simultaneously, surrounding forest lends ethereal mystery. Every year his photos are more intriguing, think I’ll go with them next year to see it for myself.

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