Global Air Quality Index – Vancouver B.C. Worst In the World

A closed Canada/U.S. border is no match for invasive plumes of wildfire smoke blanketing the West Coast. For days, stinging brown haze has beset Vancouver, obliterating sunlight, vying with Seattle and Portland for worst air quality in the world. This morning Vancouverites woke to a staggering reality – official ranking as most hazardous air to breathe in the world. Link to worldwide air quality –

See the source image
See the source image

I’m not crying in my maple syrup or diminishing the plight of countless thousand American lives impacted by the inferno. What I am is alarmed by unprecedented voracity of this disaster. Wildfire season is a fact of life, periodic stretches of regional forest fire smoke settle over Vancouver every few years. What I can’t recall is Vancouver ever having the worst air quality in the world. Nor air so hazardous Canada Post suspends mail delivery, If this is the face of climate disruption, we need to take notice.

See the source image

8 thoughts on “Global Air Quality Index – Vancouver B.C. Worst In the World

  1. Can’t say I’m surprised. Here in Portland we had the official world’s worst air quality for the last week or so — one of the worst fires is about twenty miles south of here. The apartment building across the street from me has been noticeably obscured by the smoke, and on Sunday morning visibility was so bad it felt unsafe to drive. It’s like seeing through a thick fog. Oregon has had twice as many acres burned as all of 2019. Global warming is definitely playing a role.

    I expect the Oregon and Washington fires to be subdued soon when the ran returns, and then Vancouver will get some relief. California won’t be so lucky.

    • WHAT?? Global warming? Surely you jest! Didn’t you know Trump, the very stable genius with great and unmatched wisdom says it doesn’t exist?? And goodness knows, he wouldn’t never lie!

      On a more serious note … as another Oregonian (although living south of you), I can fully appreciate your comment.

  2. Don’t you just cringe when Trump blames Democrat governors of Oregon, Washington and California for “poor forest management” as driving factor responsible for wildfires? 53% of Oregon is Federal land! California 46%, Washington State 30 %. SO CRAAZY!

  3. With the disaster that 2020 has been, the month of September has brought even more surprises. I can’t believe my worry of US politics, Covid and the economy have all been regulated to second level status with these wildfires (and now the loss of the Notorious RBG). Sigh… I hope you are getting some rain now to clear things up.

  4. American politics … I don’t try to understand, I just enjoy (a bit like watching your Mother-in-law drive over a cliff in your favourite car).

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