6 thoughts on “Another Adrien Mauduit Moment

  1. You know, another similarity we have is the obsession with the cosmos and overall physics of the world/universe… Whether it’s views from the cosmos or the breathtaking sights of Mother Earth, it keeps the imagination churning 🙂 Cheers to a great weekend, take care.

    • And you’ve inspired me to once again watch this video below. 😉 I’m sure you’ve seen it, maybe several times. Sorry if so. Hope you aren’t tired of it. I haven’t watched it in a long time so I thought…

      …NtP’s wonderment-video here just makes my heart swell and appreciate deeper how so very, very fortunate we are to call this perfect planet, this 1-in-a-GIZZILION life sustaining Pale Blue-dot we call home. “The only home we have ever known.” No one but Sagan can put our existence firmly into perspective, right? 🙂

      • Carl Sagan is my hero, pale blue dot gives me goosebumps. The world sorely lacks visionaries like Sagan. Thanks for the link. Here’s one for you –

        “Have You Ever Really Seen the Moon” embodies unbridled joy and wonder. 🙂

      • Ooooooo! My, my, my NtP. You’ve given me, Wylie Overstreet gave me goosebumps watching this! 😲

        (has a big, big smile on his face with his eyes welling up a bit)

        Thank you Ma’am. It is indeed memorizing, spellbinding, and so humbling when we get up close and very personal with the celestial bodies up there. We see with every living fiber of our body/being just how miniscule our own incredibly lucky existence truly is and perhaps more importantly what happens within us when we get outside ourselves and outside of our tiny, TINY sphere of daily, weekly monotonous routines and futile anxieties, huh? It all sure reminds me profoundly what’s most important in my extremely short, gone-in-a-flash life. Nothing like the present! 🙃

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