Pondering North Korea

Pondering North Korea begins with 28 approved hair styles for men and women. Women can choose from 18 government sanctioned styles – married women must wear their hair short, single women are allowed to display long locks. Men choose from 10 styles and are prohibited from hair longer than 5 cm. Senior men are forgiven for hair up to 7 cm in length.

North Korea takes a dim view of crystal meth, but tolerates opium and marijuana. While not technically legal, pot smoking North Koreans have little to fear. Marijuana is cultivated along railroad tracks and readily available in local shops.

In North Korea the year is 106, not 2017. Year one began April 15, 1912 – birthday of their first leader Kim II-Sung.

In North Korea, the year is 105, not 2016.

North Korea’s “Three Generation Rule” is a nasty reality for citizens declared political dissidents. That person is sent to a hard labour prison camp along with their entire family. Parents, siblings, children incarcerated by association – not just for the rest of their lives, but for the lives of two future generations born, living and dying in prison. A practice deemed necessary to cleanse and maintain government ideals.

As of 2016 an estimated 5,899,000 persons, 25% of North Korea’s population formed the world’s largest paramilitary organization. Mandatory conscription for males, selective female conscription require 10 years service with the KPA (Korean Peoples Army). Watching them march is mind blowing –

Due to trade sanctions, 2010 marked the year acute fertilizer shortages saw the proliferation of shops selling human feces for fertilizer.

North Korea farmers face a fertilizer shortage because international shipments have been cut off.

Ponder a glimpse into North Korean propaganda –

20 thoughts on “Pondering North Korea

  1. Having just finished reading 1984 – Yes , I couldn’t believe I had never read it before, either – this is almost like 1984 – The Movie. According to N. Korea.

  2. Hard to imagine such countries can still exist. Just as hard to think that Kim Jung Un went to an international school in Switzerland not far from where I live. His school would have shown him contemporary fashion, alcohol fuelled student parties, the globalised world of the internet and one of the most successful societies in the world. Then he went home to throw his own people into a pit of hell, murdered his own kin and cultivated his selfish ego beyond measure. History will deal with him. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

  3. Unfortunately for those who think this is the past: today North Korea, tomorrow, America. All the signs are already here pointing to a North American military/prison dictatorship. What you hate and what you fear is what you become. When a fake economy collapses and those whom it sustains in power wish to remain there, what will they do? History answers that. North Korea isn’t a danger, it’s a warning.

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