America tonight according to Fox News propaganda…

Democrats desperate to sway mid-term votes faked mail bombs to gain voter sympathy.

These same left wing desperadoes accuse Trump of orchestrating the deception.

Democratic support ahead of mid-term elections wanes as a result of left wing mobs harassing Republican patrons at restaurants.

A migrant caravan approaching Mexico’s southern border threatens American security. Without a shred of evidence, Trump claims Islamic terrorists have joined the caravan.

In his interview with Eric Trump, Sean Hannity compares today’s mail bombs with Madonna’s comment during the women’s march in 2017, “I’ve thought a lot about blowing up the White House”.

Hannity and his cronies exchange glib knee slapping guffaws over bleeding heart sympathy for an army of migrant imposters. They report from the “front line” with absolute certainty, “most illegals are men with visible tattoos, clearly gang members, rapists and criminals” intent on destroying life in America. Please ponder this link – https://www.vox.com/2018/10/24/18010340/caravan-trump-border-honduras-mexico

Image result for fox news propaganda

Nice try Fox, shame on every last fool who parrots Fox dribble as Trumpish truth. Enough!





8 thoughts on “Enough!

  1. Does anyone recall hearing about the Reichstag’s fire in Berlin, Feb. 27th, 1933? To refresh your memories, it was blamed on the left wing parties, primarily the Communist party, which were then outlawed. Subsequently all power was then put in the hands of the Nationalist Socialist Party–you guessed it, the Nazi Party who it was later believed set the fire themselves. My, how history does repeat itself!

  2. The rational news has to stop paying attention to Fox. They have an average of 3 million views through the day. 3 million. That’s it. By constantly reporting on what Fox is reporting they are shaping the narrative to how Fox wants the narrative to be shaped.

    For example: The real story is not the caravan, but Trump’s lies.

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