Some Foxy News

I used to tune into Fox News every once and a while when I needed a laugh. As time passed it wasn’t funny any more. Somewhere around Hurricane Katrina I was able to snap out of it. Not certain whether Greta Van Susteren’s holier than thou attitude , Geraldo Rivera’s grandstanding, or Glenn Beck reporting that ” the only Katrina victims shown on television were the scumbags”, were responsible for my decision to never again stoop to that level. All I know is by the time officials remembered thousands of people stranded inside the convention centre – Fox News had made me so angry I wanted to scream.

It’s difficult to pin-point when news media took on an agenda. I come from an era when the six o’clock news covered stories of the day. Reporters investigated, researched, and sought the truth. I’m aware enough to realize it wasn’t all roses, yet ย had considerable faith in words printed in the newspaper and reports on television. It would have been unthinkable to tune into a particular station based on political or religious beliefs. The news didn’t work that way – at least it never used to.

Today we listen to what we want to hear, and because it’s “news” take it as the truth. I’ve heard of CNN being referred to as ย “communist news network”, and in the same breath a declaration that Obama is a Muslim. The Bill O’Reilly’s and Glenn Becks of this world become superstars – their editorial opinion taken as truth. Today’s news preaches to the choir; a captive audience feeding on the egos of puffed up front-men, all for the sake of the bottom line – advertising dollars.

News stations have become irresponsible, biased, and quite frankly – dangerous. Scratch the surface and find cartoon characters spewing nonsense – they know who’s listening, and what they want to hear. Ponder the realization that their words are taken as gospel. Fox News being the worst of the bunch, as this clip from the Daily Show aptly points out.

Might I suggest to anybody feeling the urge to repeat “news” taken from Fox….

12 thoughts on “Some Foxy News

    • For that move, Brazil is wise. As I said, after a point it just isn’t funny.Think of one of my commenter’s – you know who I’m talking about – swallowing Fox hook line and sinker. Actually believing utter nonsense is the truth.Holy crap ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Oh, I know her kind very well. I used to haunt fox news message boards (before they were shut down) and there were some serious nutcases there. It’s a clear case of common sense being thrown out the window and people simply abusing the Americans 1st Amendment.

        Canada has free speech. Australia has free speech. Both countries also have common sense.

  1. Like you I gave up Fox News long ago.

    Too often I wish I could give up on TV news completely. I try to supplement with The New York Times, BBC, and a few others but keeping in touch on the road is not so easy.

    The issue of when news media took on agendas is less of a mystery than a consequence to me. When we had two or three TV stations in a market there was enough real news to go around. Nowadays with hundreds of channels on the “dial” (how’s that for an anachronism?) each station HAS to find it’s own viewpoint, it’s own reason for people to tune in — hence the Beck’s, Allred’s and such.

    Right now we’re here in an area (behind some trees called a forest) where I can’t get a DISH signal — so we are living quite nicely with over-the-air TV, meaning a lot of re-runs of Hogans Heroes, Perry Mason, and Dennis the Menace as alternatives to Springer, Wilkos, Ellen and the rest. Sure makes you watch less TV!

    What I’d really like is a station that carried good news!

    A retired Photographer looks at life
    Life Unscripted

    • Quite possibly a biased opinion – being a Canadian – but CBC news is the one I tune into.CBC radio and television are government funded and not for profit private corporations.Even though the government provides funding you never get the sense there is an “agenda”. When a major story happens it’s quite an eye opener to follow for an hour or so with something like CNN, then turn to the CBC If you ever get satellite radio or are able to pick up CBC radio one I think you would be refreshingly hooked ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Truth be told, I never think to look for a CBC newsfeed, but when North of the Border have always found your news to be intelligent.
        I was in Toronto the night of the Quebecois “French” referendum and watched your coverage on that all night long. I was fascinated at the differences in how Canadians handle politics and how we do.
        You also have better coverage of the Tour de France if my memory serves me; not as good as in France but better than here!
        CBC Radio is hard to get unless you’re pretty close to the border — at least in WI where I’ve spent most of my time. I used to run across I-94 through MT, ND, ID, WA quite often and I could never find it there.

  2. I agree with all your observations – ‘news’ is merely the reporters take on what happened in the past few hours. Few reporters take the time to put it into any context other than what fits their agenda.
    What is truly depressing is that anyone can discover all the ‘sides’ of just about anything on the internet, but they don’t. There is no reason why anyone has to run with a narrow minded bias when there are so many opportunities to check facts and discover why others might think differently.

  3. Great post! Its happening everywhere – the line between ‘news’ and ‘views’ is getting more and more blurred. One country’s sextape is put before another’s civil-war. Its capitalism unraveling in the media – where ‘ratings maximization’ gives legitimacy to editorial choices. Once again, timely and relevant.

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